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Campaign – Urgathoa

Thassilonian Resurgence

Urgathoa Overview – The Pallid Princess

  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Gluttony, Disease, Undeath
  • Realm: Bloodrot (Abaddon)
  • Allies: Ghlaunder, Zon-Kuthon
  • Enemies: Erastil, Gorum, Gozreh, Pharasma, Sarenrae, Shelyn
  • Temples: cathedrals, crypts, feast halls, graveyards
  • Worshipers: The living dead, gluttons, necromancers, sybarites, undead
  • Sacred Animal: fly
  • Sacred Colours: green and red
  • Divine Ability: Constitution or Wisdom
  • Domains: Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, War
  • Alternate Domains: decay, swarm
  • Favoured Weapon: Scythe

Urgathoa (pronounced oor-gah-THO-ah) is the goddess of physical excess, disease, and the undead. She is mostly worshiped by dark necromancers and the undead. Sometimes, those wishing to become undead and those who live gluttonous lifestyles make supplication to her. On occasion, folk infected with plagues make offerings to Urgathoa.

Urgathoa is generally depicted as an attractive, pale-skinned, and ebony-haired woman. Unlike most other beauties, at her waist, her flesh begins to rot and wither away, leaving her little more than a blood-soaked skeleton from the hips down. She is often similarly manifested, but wearing a loose-fitting gown stained with black, brown, and red splotches.


The following phrases are common among followers of Urgathoa.

  • May you dine forever: Devotees of Urgathoa believe all will be consumed – it’s only a matter of time. Followers of Urgathoa often use this phrase to call upon others to perform acts of wanton gluttony, bestow a rite of passage to an ally, or subtly reveal their faith to other followers of the Pallid Princess.
  • May you never hunger again: While a fool can mistake this as a benediction, it is a damning insult, often whispered to an enemy just before the victim takes their final breath.
  • Pay the pox: As a disease runs its course, victims can no longer afford the cost of their own flesh – their bodies wither and die along with their material ambitions. But worshippers of Urgathoa believe themselves above “paying the pox,” as she allows them to evade the tax of mortality through undeath.
  • Rot in the gut, froth in the mouth: Oft uttered before performing a ritual obedience to the goddess, such as consuming rancid food or eating while painfully full.

Servants of Urgathoa

  • Barasthangas – This servant of Urgathoa is a devourer, a powerful undead remnant.
  • Fjarn – Once a Linnorm king, this attendant is now a ghast barbarian in service of the Pallid Princess.
  • Olix – This minion is a vampiric priest that possesses strong shadow powers.

Church of Urgathoa

The churches of Urgathoa are dispersed across Golarion in cellular cults. Individual groups rarely work together. Activities are usually done under the cover of night, except in lands such as Geb.

Holy Texts:

  • Her sacred text is entitled Serving Your Hunger

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