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Campaign – Gozreh

Thassilonian Resurgence

Gozreh Overview – The Wind and the Waves

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Portfolio: Nature, Weather, The Sea
  • Realm: nomadic (Material Plane)
  • Allies: Besmara, Desna, Erastil
  • Enemies: Nethys, Rovagug, Urgathoa
  • Temples: areas of great natural beauty, lighthouses, mills, shorelines
  • Worshipers: Druid, sailors, woodsmen, farmers, explorers, fishers, hermits, survivalists
  • Sacred Animals: all
  • Sacred Colours: blue and green
  • Divine Ability: Constitution or Wisdom
  • Domains: Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather
  • Alternate Domains: cold, lightning
  • Favoured Weapon: Trident

Gozreh (pronounced GOHZ-ray) is a dualistic god of nature, a god of the storm and sky and a god of the wave and surf. Born of the ocean’s fury and the wind’s wrath, Gozreh is a fickle deity.

Gozreh appears as a colossal humanoid whose lower body trails away into a mass of roiling elemental matter. Her female avatar of the sea merges with water and appears as a young and beautiful woman with wild green hair. The male avatar of the winds and clouds merges with a storm cloud and appears as a weathered old man with a long white beard. Images of Gozreh typically present his two forms reaching up from the sea and down from the heavens to touch one another in mid-air.


Adherents of Gozreh typically speak with a bluntness that belies their shrewd insight. Most followers prefer acting over speaking, and axioms vary from temple to temple. Common phrases often consist of simple statements used for giving everyday wisdom.

  • The storm also passes: As dark as the skies can turn, weather and emotion are both temporary. Life continues, event after event, and while lasting impressions are made, the clouds will eventually clear. Followers of Gozreh use this as a mantra or calming advice for those who come to them in despair.
  • By the tide and the tempest: Worshippers speak these words to seal solemn oaths, making a promise to both of their deity’s aspects. This aphorism is used when swearing in a new acolyte, offering a sacrifice to Gozreh, or threatening retribution for a trespass against nature.

Servants of Gozreh

  • Kraz’Tesh – This favoured servant of Gozreh is an icy dragonfly-like creature.
  • Saltbeard – This favoured servant of Gozreh is a dour triton cleric.
  • Personification of Fury – Appearing as an ancient elemental, a fusion of wind and wave, Gozreh’s herald serves her interests across the planes

Church of Gozreh

The church, and certainly the faith of Gozreh, can be found in all-natural places.

Holy Texts:

  • Hymns to the Winds and Waves – This book includes sussurant prayers, rules for personal behaviour and the respect of nature.


  • Firstbloom on the Vernal Equinox and Currents eve on the 7th of Gozran.

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TRAP Religions

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