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Campaign – Lamashtu

Thassilonian Resurgence

Lamashtu Overview – The Demon Queen, Mother of Monsters, Demon Mother

  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Madness, Monsters, Nightmares, Aberrance
  • Realm: Kurnugia (the Abyss)
  • Allies: Ghlaunder
  • Enemies: Abadar, Asmodeus, Desna, Iomedae, Rovagug, Sarenrae, Tsukiyo
  • Relationships: Pazuzu (ex-consort)
  • Temples: caverns, ruined buildings, abandoned orphanages
  • Worshipers: Gnolls, medusa, harpies, goblins, some minotaurs, hidden human cults, monsters, outcasts
  • Sacred Animal: Jackal
  • Sacred Colours: red and yellow
  • Divine Ability: Constitution or Strength
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, Trickery
  • Alternate Domains: change
  • Favoured Weapon: Falchion

Pictures of Lamashtu portray her as a jackal-headed woman with a third vertical eye in the center of her forehead, heavily pregnant, with feathered wings, a snake’s tail, and taloned feet. She is often depicted carrying her two deadly blades, Redlust and Chillheart. Her head may vary depending on the nature of her worshipers, gnolls preferring the jackal head, medusae a snake’s, harpies a hawk’s, and so on.


Lamashtu’s followers utter phrases that drip with their mother’s monstrous wisdom. Others use phrases to keep her beasts at bay.

  • It’s another scar on the belly: Also sometimes stated as “The scars are the proof,” this saying expresses the sentiment that your hardest trials can become your best qualities. This phrase was brought into new communities by goblins who abandoned Lamashtan worship. It spread in popularity for its seemingly positive message, but those familiar with its origins are often nervous about the reference to the brutal scarring of Lamashtu and her profane mothers.
  • Sweet dreams and safe deliveries: In communities that have suffered a history of tragic Lamashtan births, this comforting saying is a popular way to wish people, especially expectant parents, a life safe from Lamashtu’s notice.
  • The three-eyed gaze sees you (me/us): Among Lamashtu’s faithful, this phrase is said ritualistically at the completion of auspicious deeds, such as the creation of new monsters. Its declaration rallies the brood to prove themselves to their goddess. When hissed in vicious tones to unaware victims, it is a vile threat and omen of impending wrath

Servants of Lamashtu

  • Bloodmaw – This hideous yet powerful and cunning yeth hound has one green eye and one red. He relishes the promise of carnage and a good hunt.
  • Yaenit – These slavering, monstrous hyena-demons resemble corrupted hound archons with gangly limbs and deformed hyena’s heads; they love maiming and killing in Lamashtu’s name.
  • The Yethazmari – Appearing as an enormous jackal, standing 14 ft tall at the shoulder, with smoking eye sockets, black leathery wings and a snake for a tail, the herald of Lamashtu brings terror and bloodshed. In its wake, spawn of horrific and brutal trysts rise up to cause madness anew

Church of Lamashtu

Lamashtu’s church is scattered and lacks an overall hierarchy, yet it is rare for two priests to come into direct conflict, as they recognize each other’s shared devotion and the hostility visited by those outside the religion. Many thaumaturges pay obeisance to Lamashtu as she is a demon lord as well as a goddess.

Unholy Texts:

  • The Skull of Mashaag – The yellowed skull of a yaenit who died in the service of Lamashtu, this object has the ability to speak the goddess’ will in several languages. Every few years, her worshipers meet to hear its teachings, and heroes from each tribe undergo a series of contests to determine which group is to keep it next.
  • The Four Hides of Lawm – This is a collection of three leather straps, each made from the skin of a humanoid. The fourth was lost long ago and is said to contain monstrous rites of power and fertility in Lamashtu’s name.

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