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Jade Regent Adventure Path

Book 4 (Level 10)

  • Overall Session: #1,074
  • Date: 19th May 2020
  • Campaign Session: Session 52
  • Game Night Session: 208
  • Gaming Group: Tuesday Pathfinder
  • Campaign: Jade Regent Adventure Path
  • Characters: 10th Level
  • Book 4 – The Forest of Spirits

PF2 JRAP: All video’s for the Tuesday Night Pathfinder Campaign.

Video’s will be created on the night, and uploaded when possible after the event. There is a fortnightly schedule for this game. There are five other games running in the same fortnight. This is one campaign night out of 6 that I am running as the Games Master.

Jade Regent Adventure Path

  • Book 1 – The Brinewall Legacy (01 to 13) – 13 Sessions
  • Book 2 – Night of Frozen Shadows (14 to 29) – 16 Sessions
  • Book 3 – The Hungry Storm (30 to 44) – 15 Sessions
  • Book 4 – Forest of Spirits (45 to 62) – 17 Sessions
  • Book 5 – Tide of Honor (63 to 67) – 5 Sessions (10 sessions remaining)
  • Book 6 – (15 sessions remaining) – (15 sessions remainig)
Jade Regent Adventure Path Tuesday Group
Jade Regent Logo
Jade Regent Campaign Content

Pathfinder Adventure Path – Jade Regent (#9)

  • Pathfinder 1 Rules
  • Session 157 to 193 (37 sessions)
  • 13th March 2018 to 24th September 2019
  • Players: Jeremy – Nashru (28), Mark – Harori & Bruce (25) / Ameiko (2) / Dwarf Haroria (3) / Haroria (3), Richard – Avery & Terry (20), Annie – Bug & Splat (20), Neil – Pater (14), Grace – Iaome (13) / Shalelu (4), Matt – Kelda (2) / Sandru (2) / Half-Orc Keld (1) / Wimble (13), Steve – Talos (5), Brandon – Jasper (2), Daniel – Yosef (2) / Kelda (1), Stefan – Jayce (1) / Kalda (1), Paul W – Phil (1) / Shalelu (1), Aiden – Lorel (1), Luke – Shalelu (1) / Gulbrand (1), Glen – Ulf (1), Emrys – Dimli (1)
  • Pathfinder 2 Rules
  • Session 194 to 223 (30 sessions)
  • 22nd October 2019 to 9th March 2021
  • Players: Jeremy – Nashru (27), Mark – Harori (27), Grace – Ioame (20), Annie – Bug & Splat (19), Ross – Zanis (16), Emrys – Dimli (16), Richard – Avery & Terry (11), Matt – Wimble (8), Stefan – Shalelu (1)
  • House Rules:
    • Pathfinder 2 – Core Rules, Other rules are available via my Players Guide as long as the player creates a Annotated Stat Block as specified
    • Starting Equipment: Money equal to level equivalent
    • Starting Level: Currently at level 13
    • Books Available: Pathfinder 2, Core Rules using TDE PF2 Players Guide as a reference.
  • Level Progression
  • Level 1 – Session 1 – 13th March 2018
  • Level 2 – Session 5 – 8th May 2018
  • Level 3 – Session 8 – 3rd July 2018
  • Level 4 – Session 14 – 25th September 2018
  • Level 5 – Session 19 – 18th December 2018
  • Level 6 – Session 25 – 26th March 2019
  • Level 7 – Session 30 – 4th June 2019
  • Level 8 – Session 35 – 27th August 2019
  • Level 9 – Session 40 – 19th November 2019
  • Level 10 – Session 45 – 11th February 2020
  • Level 11 – Session 54 – 2nd June 2020
  • Level 12 – Session 58 – 8th September 2020
  • Level 13 – Session 62 – 3rd November 2020
  • Jade Regent Adventure Path Modules
  • Book 1 – The Brinewall Legacy (01 to 13)
  • Book 2 – Night of Frozen Shadows (14 to 29)
  • Book 3 – The Hungry Storm (30 to 44)
  • Book 4 – Forest of Spirits (45 to 62)
  • Book 5 – Tide of Honor (63 to 67)

Characters in the Game

  • Avery & Terry – A Halfling expelled by his family for the summoning of his horrific looking Eidelon whome they remember the name of more than himself.
  • Bug & Spat – A orphan adopted by a travelling cleric of Desna (Koya) and raised as part of her extended family.
  • Dimli – A dwarf who is learning to think before he acts.
  • Harori – A human Tien Samurai working as a kitchen hand in Sandpoint and secretly in love with his boss Ameiko. He has a might horse Bruce who seems to be distrusting of his instincts.
    • Book 1 – He has become a scion of a mighty empire, and revealed his love interest to be next in line to be emperor. He has forsworn his Lord and chosen to become a ronin dedicated to following Ameiko and helping her regain her birthright. He slays the Oni who killed Ameiko’s grandfahter.
    • Book 2 – He as died multiple times in service of his love, living lives as a Dwarf, and learning how different sex’s operate, obtaining the services of an angelic helm, and talking sword of the line he has dedicated himself to protect. All while allowing a demon of nightmares to take up residence in his mind. He slays the Oni who caused his first death.
    • Book 3 – Gaining the attention of Ameiko and Kelda in a bizarre courting ritual he has also experience life briefly as a dragon and helped fight a demon of winter.
    • Book 4 – Learning his personal prophecy is “The Broken One”and that he would die many times until he takes his own life in the end he begins his doomsday journey.
  • Ioame – A human Cleric of unknown origin (Azlanti) who is totally not the reincarnated goddess from the fallen Azlanti nation. She is one of the adopted daughters of Koya.
    • Book 1 – Followed by a guardian of crystal, she eventually broke free of the bonds and disappeared for a time not to exploring her divine nature.
    • Book 2 – Returning to the caravan she helps them defeat the Oni stopping their progress.
    • Book 3 – Her connection to the world seems to grow and she occasionally shines with an inner light that keeps the undead and fiends at bay.
    • Book 4 – Gaining a connection with a spirit of a long dead bard she starts to learn of her deep connections with Acavna.
  • Nashru – A elven Rogue and one of the adopeted sons of Koya and brother to Sandru.
  • Zanis – A Goblin, dressed in a Kobold Suit who is the servant of a master crafter.

NPCs of Note:

  • Ameiko – Tien bar owner from Sandpoint and adventuring friend of Sandru. Next in line for the throne, and love interest of Harori. Time will tell if she returns the affection.
  • Kelda – Barbarian who treats Harori as her love interest, no matter her form.
  • Koya – Cleric of Densa and mother figure to the carvan.
  • Sandru – Owner and manager of the caravan used to help get Ameiko to her birthright. Adopted son of Koya.
  • Shalalu – Elven protector of Sandpoint, hater of Goblins, and friend of Ameiko and Sandru.
  • Wimble – A halfling half-brother to Avery and a sorcerer of thunder and lightning.
    • Former PC now currently retired from the spotlight and helping out with the wagons.

Book 52021 Mar (JR67 9th), Feb (JR66 9th), Jan (JR65 26th), 2020 Dec (JR64 1st), Nov (JR63 17th)

Book 42020 Nov (JR62 3rd L13), Oct (JR61 20th, JR60 6th), Sep (JR59 22nd L12, JR58 8th), Aug (JR57 25th), Jul (JR56 28th, JR55 14th), Jun (JR54 16th, JR53 2nd L11), May (JR52 19th, JR51 5th), Apr (JR50 21st, JR49 7th), Mar (JR48 24th, JR47 10th), Feb JR46 25th, JR45 11th L10)

Book 32020 Jan (JR44 28th, JR43 14th), 2019 Dec (JR42 17th, JR41 3rd), Nov (JR40 19th L9, JR39 4th), Oct (JR38 22nd) Sep (JR37 24th, JR36 10th), Aug (JR35 27th L8, JR 34 13th), Jul (JR33 30th, JR32 16th, JR31 2nd), Jun (JR30 4th L7)

Book 22019 May (JR29 21st, JR28 7th), Apr (JR27 23rd, JR26 9th) Mar (JR25 26th L6, JR24 12th), Feb (JR23 26th, JR22 12th), Jan (JR21 29th, JR20 15th), 2018 Dec (JR19 18th L5, JR18 4th), Nov (JR17 20th, JR16 6th), Oct (JR15 9th) Sep (JR14 25th L4)

Book 12018 Sep (JR13 11th), Aug (JR12 28th, JR11 14th), Jul (JR10 31st, JR09 17th, JR08 3rd), Jun (JR07 5th) May (JR06 22nd, JR05 8th L2), Apr (JR04 24th, JR03 10th), Mar (JR02 27th, JR01 13th)

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