Content for 2020-02

Content and Changes – 2020 February

This is an update for players who missed what was created or updated over the month of February in 2020.

New Content

29th Feb

28th – Feb – D&D Magical ItemMantle of the Ignoble Beast

27th Feb

26th Feb

25th Feb – ShadowrunGen Two – The Setup

24th Feb – D&D Races – Human of Darkness (Nuari)

23rd Feb – D&D Secret CraftsElvenologist

22nd Feb

21st Feb – D&D Magical ItemPeriapt of Wound Closure

20th Feb

19th Feb

18th Feb – D&D Timeline – AC 1005 (Level 6)

17th Feb – D&D Races – Human of Air (Hattian)

16th Feb – D&D Secret CraftsFireologist (Elementals)

15th Feb

14th Feb – D&D Magical ItemEyes of Charming

13th Feb

12th Feb

11th Feb – TRAP Design – 10 – Using Renown

10th Feb – D&D Races – Human of Air (Kerendan)

9th Feb – D&D Secret CraftsChaosologist

8th Feb

7th Feb – D&D Magical ItemClothes of Mending

6th Feb

5th Feb

4th Feb – TRAP Design – 9 – Half-Breeds

3rd Feb – D&D Races – Human of Air (Alasiyan)

2nd Feb – D&D Secret CraftsEarthologist (Elements)

1st Feb

Updated Content

  • Site Structure
  • PF2 Weapons
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