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DnD Races Humans of Air (Kerendan)

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Races – Human of Air (Kerendan)

This is my take on the Kerendan people using the five element concept.

Descendants of the Neathar and Antalians. Based on norman cultures and tend to have a British like accent. These humans are tied to the sphere of thought. Their skin is white but tans in the sun, their hair from red to blonde, and eyes are green.

Racial BuildHuman Traits – Level 01 (Players Handbook and Level Up)

  • Age: Young Adult at 14, Adult at 18 and live to 100 years.
  • Size: Humans are 4 ½ to 5 ½ feet tall in general. Their size is Medium, thought in some special cases they can be Small.
  • Speed: Your base walking speed 30 ft.
  • Fast Learner (Level Up) With their short life spans, humans can acquire knowledge at a higher rate than more long-lived heritages. You gain proficiency in one additional skill of your choice in addition you require half as much time as normal to train yourself in the use of armour, skill, tool, secret craft or weapon during downtime.
  • Intrepid (Level Up) Your survival instinct is remarkably strong. When you make an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw, you can choose to gain an expertise die on that roll. Once you use this trait, you cannot use it again until you finish a short or long rest.
  • Weapons Mastery (GM House Rule) Gains proficiency with one weapons of significance of your choice. If you have proficiency with this weapon, they are upgrades skilled level.
  • Human Gifts (Level Up) Choose One – Diehard Survivor (p40), Ingenious Focus (p40), Spirited Traveller (p40)


Karameikos: If you want to be a Human of Air (Kerendan) with a roman background and a love of horses and adventure. Your among the calvary, messengers and animal handlers of the Empire.


The Kerendan people are an evolution from the Neathar and the Antalians. They are connected to lightning, thunder and thought. They have an norman style to their appearance and culture. They are the people who form the cavalry of the Thyatian military. They are counted amongst the best horsemen of the empire.

  • Height – men are 4′ 6″ to 5′ 6″, women 4′ to 5.
  • Complexion – white with traces of light blue.
  • Colouration – fair skin, hair red to blonde, with eyes of green.
  • Known Locations: Karameikos and Thyatis.
  • Traits – based on the Variant Human

D&D Human Heritage Kerendan – Karameikos, Thyatis (Human of Air – Kerandan)

Most of the nobles in Karameikos are of Thyatian Kerendan descent, and a sizeable proportion of the commoner population is of Thyatian Kerandan descent.

Thyatians tend to be physically larger than Traladarans, men averaging around 4′ 11″ and women about 4’5″. Their skin is white with traces of light blue, and they have fair skin, hair red to blonde, with eyes of green.

The Thyatians Karendans tan more easily in the sun than the bronzed Traladarans, who tend to sunburn easily. The Empire of Thyatis is a large, flourishing empire with powerful armies, strong trade relations with the great nations of the world, lavish arts and entertainments, and a cultural standard equalled in few places in the world.

So it’s natural that many of Thyatian descent tend to feel superior to the native Traladarans. Among many of the Thyatians, there is a sentiment that Traladarans are superstitious and ignorant, and many feel that Thyatian spoken with a Traladaran accent denotes lack of mental ability (Again, this is a prejudice which you don’t have to foist on your own character if you don’t wish to.)

Kerendan Traits

  • Ability Score Increase: Dexterity +1, plus one other ability of your choice
  • Skills: Proficiency with Animal Handling or Athletics
  • Feat: Athlete or Mounted Combat
  • Cavalry of Thyatis: When making a handle animal check in combat, you have advantage if you are fighting.
  • Language: Common language is Thyatian. Bonus language by negotiation.
  • Pantheons: Thyatian Empire
  • Secret Crafts: (Starting) Your choice of starting secret crafts include: Airologist, Weaponologist.
  • Evolution (2nd Evolution): Counts as the Neathar, Antalian and Genasi races for the purposes of effects and magical items. As a 2nd evolution, there is a 20% chance for any offspring to be a Genasi.

Most Kerendans have the Air Aspected Traits, to select other elemental traits please gain the game masters permission.

Elemental – Air Aspected Traits

  • Ability Score Increase: Dexterity +2
  • Appearance: Pale eyes, blonde hair, white veins or skin are trademarks of Air Aspected characters.
  • Touch of the Air (Air aspected) While taking a short rest in the open sky, you can spend 1 HD to roll two dice and take the results of both.
  • Power of Thought (Air aspected) When using (or effected by) Thunder or Lightning you add your proficiency bonus to the damage (or reduce damage taken) and cause your eyes to glow white till the start of your next turn.
  • Danger of Matter (Air aspected) When hit by Acid or Poison damage you take additional damage equal to your proficiency. Acid or Poison effects you use, have their attack, damage and saving throw reduced by your proficiency instead of increased by it.
  • Air Evolution: Counts as a Genasi for the purposes of using Air Genasi effects and magical items, but not as a Air Genasi. With every Genasi offspring there is a d20 roll to determine their elemental aspect:
    • 80% chance of an Air Aspected child (1 to 16)
    • 5% chance of an one of the other elements aspects. Darkness (17), Earth (18), Fire (19), Water (20)

Kerendan Character Options

  • Bard – Greenleaf College
  • Druid – Circle of Dreams
  • Fighter – Battle Master, Cavalier, Griffon Knight, Weapons Master
  • Paladin – Oath of Battle, Oath of Perfection
  • Rogue – Fixer, Thief
  • Wizard – School of Enchantment

Kerendan Campaign Examples

  • Nobility of Karameikos.

Kerendan Racial Magical Items

The items from these people have a tendency to deal with roman style heavy calvealy. See all (Kerendan) items listed below as your relic magical items. You can also treat (Neathar) and (Antilian) as relic items as well. See Genasi Overview for (Airchild) genasi items you can use is if you were a genasi.

Note: Keremendans don’t have individual racial options as they have all being taking into the Thyatian culture.

  • Item ListsHuman (Antalian, Kerendan, Neathar, Thyatian), Genasi (Air)
  • Kerendan – The items from these people have a tendency to deal with heavy calverary style items.
  • Thyatian – The items from these people have a tendency to deal with romen style presentation, and bureaucracy. A Hattian can use Kerendan relic trait of the items as if part of their race.
  • Antalian – The items from these people have a tendency to deal with european style items. A Kerendan can use the relic trait of the items as if part of their race.
  • Neathar (Base Human) – The items from these people have a tendency to deal with a nomadic stone age style. A Human (and all Human subtypes) can use the base human relic trait of all Human items.
  • Genasi (Air) – These are elemental darkness based items. A Kerendan can use the relic trait of the item is if they are a base Genasi, just not the Air aspect relic trait.

Designing the Karendans

There are the masters of horse for the empire, able to travel and be a shining example of some of the best military leaders of the empire.

The Dexterity bonus as one of the two choices, is because they are a charismatic race of people who are able to convince others .

Their choices of skill proficiency provide them with either Athletic as part of their national pastime of gladiatorial games and Animal Handling due to their love of horses and other animals.

The Feat choices of Athlete and Mounted Combat are related to their love of exercise and horsemanship, as well as the gladiatorial games.

The Touch of Air feature provides the Human elemental racial bonus by being in the open and able to see the sky.

The next feature of Cavalry of Thyatis shows how this group of the people are better at working with animals in combat.

As Languages represents what the common tongue for the region of Thyatian as the core language of the empire. A bonus language can be negotiated based on who you deal with growing up.

Lastly we have the 2nd Evolution from the Neathar. This means that if the character finds items that are keyed to any of their ancestral races, they also count as being part of that race. For Thyatian this means that they count as Neathar, and Antalian. And with their Air aspect they also count as a standard Genasi when using items belonging to the Air Genasi.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-17 – Updates to Classes and Magical Items.
  • 2020-09-18 – Clean up of the layout with Air Aspected changes.
  • 2020-05-16 – Character details for building a character from Karameikos.
  • 2020-03-23 – Structure and references.
  • 2020-03-16 – Structure and human traits.
  • 2020-02-20 – Added in more language options.
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