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Downtime – Druids

In my D&D game, I have an taken some of the unearthed arcana and xanathar’s guide information and made some downtime for druids.

This contains the following downtime activities:

Note: Downtime between sessions is handled slightly differently than in session.

  • In Game – During a game session it takes up time and a roll is involved.
  • Between Sessions – When done as off screen time, no roll is done, and a flat 10 is added to the bonus. If you can’t succeed at the check with a flat 10 then you can’t do this downtime off screen. The type of check shows if you can do any extra time to modify the check and any limitations.
  • Number of Downtime Activities – A character can attempt as many downtime activities in a week as their character tier.

Druid – Learning Wild Shape Forms

The Wild Shape feature in the Player’s Handbook lets you transform into a beast that you’ve seen before. The rules here create a clear in-world method for learning new beast shapes as by the core book, glancing at the beast was enough to be able to become the beast. This is a rework of the ability to learn new wild shape forms.

Known Beast Shapes

When you gain the Wild Shape feature at 2nd level, you can learn three beast forms of your choice. The default forms are based on temperate or a tropical region, if you wish to learn others please consult with your DM. If you want to select your own, refer to the Common Beast Shapes table that corresponds to the region your character is closest to. The table lists the beasts you can choose from, as it shows the animals that a druid is most likely to have seen as a novice, to have learned about through mystic research, or to have a special affinity with. Each time you gain a druid level later, you can choose one more beast shape from the same table.

Beast Shape Limitations

Level / Max CR Land / Max CR Moon / Limitations / Example Land

  • 2nd Level
    • CR Land CR 1/4
    • CR Moon CR 1
    • Limitations No flying or swimming speed
    • Example of Land Shape Wolf
  • 4th Level
    • CR Land CR 1/2
    • CR Moon —
    • Limitations No flying Speed
    • Example of Land Crocodile
  • 6th Level
    • CR Land —
    • CR Moon CR 1 third Druid Level
  • 8th Level
    • CR Land CR 1
    • CR Moon —
    • Limitations flying speed allowed
    • Example of Land Shape Giant Eagle
Default Starting Beast Shapes

To begin using Wild Shape quickly at 2nd level, choose one of the following starting options, each of which gives you forms for combat, climbing, stealth, and serving as a mount.

  • Temperate: cat, elk, wolf
  • Tropical: panther, riding horse, spider
  • Temperate (Circle of the Moon): brown bear, cat, warhorse
  • Tropical (Circle of the Moon): ape, tiger, warhorse
Table of Common Beast Shapes
  • Druid 2nd Temperate – Badger, boar, cat, deer, draft horse, elf, goat, jackal, lizard, mastiff, mule, panther, pony, rat, riding horse, scorpion, spider, weasel, wolf
  • Druid 2nd Tropical – Baboon, badger, boar, camel, cat, deer, draft horse, goat, hyena, jackal, lizard, mule, panther, pony, rat, riding horse, scorpion, spider, weasel
  • Druid 4th Temperate – Black bear*, crab, frog, octopus, poisonous snake, reef shark, sea horse, warhorse*
  • Druid 4th Tropical – Ape*, crab, crocodile, constrictor snake, frog, octopus, poisonous snake, reef shark, sea horse, warhorse*
  • Druid 8th Temperate – Bat, brown bear*, eagle, hawk, owl, raven, vulture
  • Druid 8th Tropical – Bat, eagle, hawk, lion*, owl, raven, tiger*, vulture

* A member of the Circle of the Moon can choose this beast at 2nd level

Gaining Extra Beast Shapes
Uses all downtime activities for duration

In addition to the best shapes you gain for free when you level up, you can acquire new shapes on your adventures. It requires that you abide by the limitations in the Wild Shape feature. When you see a beast whose shape you’d like to learn, you have three options:

  • Observation: You learn the beast’s shape after observing its behaviour for at least 1 hr and succeeding on an Intelligence (Nature) check with a DC equal to 10 + the beast’s challenge rating. For this observation period, your vantage point – whether physical or magical – must be within 150 ft of the beast. if you previously spent at least 1 hour reading a scholarly work about the creature, you have advantage on the check.
  • Interaction: You learn the beast’s shape after interacting with it peacefully for 10 minutes and succeeding on a Wisdom (Animal Handling) check with a DC equal to 10 + the beast’s challenge rating. For this interaction period, you must be within 15 feet of the beast, and if you spend at least a minute petting it, you have advantage on the check.
  • Research: You can spend a week per challenge rating of the creature to learn everything you need to know from a library or other source of knowledge. This will cost about 20 gp per week in expenses. The DC for the check is 10 + the beast’s challenge rating and if you have a teacher you have advantage on the check.

Any of these options can be assisted with magic. For example, divination magic can be used to provide safe observation of a dangerous animal, and a spell like animal friendship can lay the groundwork for peaceful interaction.

Complications: You can choose to make a fail a success (as long as it is not a critical failure) if you increase the time by 1 increment for each point you increase your check (Observation 1 hr, Interaction 10 min, Research 1 week). If a complication occurs see the table below.

Wild Shape Form Complications

d6 / Complications (* Might involve a rival)

  1. Form is a holy animal of a different religion *
  2. Form is of a different sex
  3. Form has an underlying medical issue
  4. Form is a national treasure *
  5. Form is a hated pest of the region *
  6. Form was never real and you only believed you learnt it *
Downtime – Teach Wild Shape

You can teach a wild shape you have learnt, gaining half the cost of the training each week. You can only teach shapes you know.

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Downtime for Mystara

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