Content for 2019-08

Content and Changes

2019 August

This is an update for players who missed what was created or updated over the month of August in 2019.

New Content

27th August – PF2 TRAP Design – Thassilonia

23rd August

20th August

13th August – PF2 TRAP Design – The Adventure Path

12th August – Introduction – Who Am I?

Transferred from Previous Site 2019

6th August – PF2 TRAP Design – Main Cities and Guide

30th July – PF1 Adventure PathSecond Darkness

23rd July – D&D Downtime – Overview (Design part 13)

16th July – ShadowrunGen One – Year Three

9th July – PF2 TRAP Design – The Concept

2nd July – Genesys – Shadowrun Part 2 – Campaign, Race and Careers

25th June – D&D Weapons Mastery – Overview (Design Part 8)

18th June – Star Wars – Campaign Part 2 – Characters and Timeline

11th June – Game ManagementChoosing a new campaign in 2019

4th June – Genesys – Shadowrun Part 1 – Why choose genesys

28th May – PF1 Adventure PathCurse of the Crimson Throne

21st May – PF1 ClassFreebooter (Pirate) Build

14th May – Shadowrun – Gen One – Year Two

7th May – PF1 ClassUnchained Rogue Build

30th April – ShadowrunGen One – Year One

23rd April – ShadowrunGen One – The Setup

16th April – ShadowrunCreating a campaign

9th April – Star Wars – Campaign Part 1 – Rules and Setting

2nd April – PF1 ManagementCreating a Campaign

26th March – Star WarsConcluding a three year campaign

19th March – Star WarsGhost of Dathomir

12th March – Star WarsFriends Like These

5th March – Star WarsThe Jewel of Yavin

26th Feb – Star WarsChronicles of the Gatekeeper

19th Feb – Star WarsOnslaught at Arda I

12th Feb – PF1 ManagementAnnotated Stat Block

5th Feb – D&D ManagementAnnotated Stat Block

29th Jan – Star WarsBeyond the Rim

22nd Jan – Star WarsGame Master Kit (Debts to Pay)

15th Jan – Star WarsCore Rules (Trouble Brewing)

8th Jan – Star WarsBeta Adventures (Character Creation)

1st Jan – Star WarsBeginner Game (Force and Destiny)

Updated Content

  • New Site
  • Splitting Star Wars posts.
Transferred from Previous Site 2018

25th Dec – Star Wars – WEG to FFG

18th Dec – Star Wars – WEG

11th Dec – Pathfinder 2 Playtest

4th Dec – D&D GazetteerDawn of the Emperors

27th Nov – D&D GazetteerAtruaghin Clans

20th Nov – D&D GazetteerShadow Elves

13th Nov – D&D GazetteerEthengar

6th Nov – D&D AdventureMystery in the Silver Sierras

30th Oct – D&D GazetteerDarokin

23rd Oct – D&D GazetteerBroken Lands

16th Oct – D&D GazetteerMinrothad

9th Oct – D&D GazetteerFive Shires

2nd Oct – D&D GazetteerNorthern Reaches

25th Sep – D&D GazetteerRockhome

18th Sep – D&D GazetteerAlfheim

11th Sep – D&D GazetteerIerendi

4th Sep – D&D GazetteerGlantri

28th Aug – D&D GazetteerYlaruam

21st Aug – D&D GazetteerKarameikos

22nd May – D&D Gazetteer – Overview (Design part 9)

23rd Jan – PF1 Adventure PathRise of the Runelords

Transferred from Previous Site 2016

12th January
Realm Works – Players and their Characters
Age of Steam – Board Games

Transferred from Previous Site 2015

17th Feb – Age of Steam – Card Games

Transferred from Previous Site 2014

18th Nov – Age of Steam – Video Games

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