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DnD Downtime Levels, Lifestyle and Recovery

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Downtime –
Gaining Levels, Lifestyle, Recuperating and Relaxation

Dungeon Masters Guide
dmg – Dungeon Masters Guide 5E

In my D&D game, I have an taken some of the unearthed arcana and xanathar’s guide information and made some downtime for gaining a level, for recuperating from illness and relaxing.

Note: Downtime between sessions is handled slightly differently than in session.

  • In Game – During a game session it takes up time and a roll is involved.
  • Between Sessions – When done as off screen time, no roll is done, and a flat 10 is added to the bonus. If you can’t succeed at the check with a flat 10 then you can’t do this downtime off screen. The type of check shows if you can do any extra time to modify the check and any limitations.
  • Number of Downtime Activities – A character can attempt as many downtime activities in a week as their character tier.

Training to Gain Class Levels

Uses one of the downtime activities for the duration

Downtime activity for learning the class features and feats for gaining a new level. Characters to not automatically level when they gain experience, they need to spend downtime training to learn the skills associated with a new level.

Players get to describe their teachers as part of the training process, adding to the lore of the setting. It is up to the player to justify the attribute they are going to use and to describe their teachers as part of the training process, adding to the lore of the setting. The teacher will only train with that attribute. Settlement modifier might apply.

  • Requirement
    • Tier 1 – Renown check DC 12 (+1 per other class known)
    • Tier 2 – 5th level in class and Renown check DC 14 (+1 per other class known)
    • Tier 3 – 10th level in class and Renown check DC 16 (+1 per other class known)
    • Tier 4 – 15th level in class and Renown check DC 18 (+1 per other class known)
  • Time
    • 1 week (+1 to check per extra week)
  • Cost
    • Tier 1 – 100 gp per week (or 20 per day)
    • Tier 2 – 200 gp per week (or 40 per day)
    • Tier 3 – 300 gp per week (or 60 per day)
    • Tier 4 – 400 gp per week (or 80 per day)
  • Check
    • Intelligence Check modified by settlement vs DC 14 (+2 per Tier completed)
      • Critical Failure – Asked by teacher to leave and never return
      • Critical Success – Offer to teach less advanced students
      • Between Session – 10 + stat bonus + Renown + Settlement mod + lifestyle
Lifestyle modifier table

see Downtime – Lifestyle

  • Wretched -3 (0 gp per week)
  • Squalid -2 (7 cp per week)
  • Poor -1 (7 sp per week)
  • Modest – no change (7 ep per week)
  • Comfortable +1 (7 gp per week)
  • Wealthy +2 (35 gp per week)
  • Aristocratic +3 (70 gp per week)
  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-5
  • Tier 2 – Levels 6-10
  • Tier 3 – Levels 11-15
  • Tier 4 – Levels 16-20
Settlement Modifier Table

Type – Check mod

  • Thorp -8
  • Hamlet -6 (Tier 1 max)
  • Village -4
  • Town, Small -2 (Tier 2 max)
  • Town, Large 0
  • City, Small +2 (Tier 3 max)
  • City, Large +4
  • Metropolis +6 (Tier 4 max)
  • Capital +8 (Tier 5 max)

Check: At the end of the training time this has an attribute check versus a DC based on the tier to successfully complete it. You can choose to succeed on a failure if you also take a complication.

Complications: Complications arise while training typically involve the teacher. Every point you increase your failure by you add the cost of additional days of training.

Level Training Complications

d6 / Complications (* Might involve a rival)

  1. Your instructor disappears, forcing you to spend one workweek finding a new one. *
  2. Your teacher is a spy sent to learn your plans. *
  3. Your teacher is a cruel taskmaster.
  4. Your teacher instructs you in rare, archaic methods, which draw comments from others.
  5. Your teacher is a wanted criminal.
  6. Your teacher asks for help dealing with a threat.
Downtime – Teach a Class

You can teach a class you have learnt, gaining half the cost of the training each week. You can only teach a class you know and be a higher circle in the secret craft than the tier you are teaching.


in addition to downtime activities for duration

Downtime activity to recover from a debilitating injury, disease, or poison. You need to select a level of lifestyle you wish to pay for the week. If you don’t have a full workweek available, you need to pay for remainder here before starting the week. (cost per week/day)

  • (No Cost) – Wretched. You live in inhumane conditions. With no place to call home, you shelter wherever you can, sneaking into barns, huddling in old crates, and relying on the good graces of people better off than you. A wretched lifestyle presents abundant dangers. Violence, disease, and hunger follow you wherever you go. Other wretched people covet your armour, weapons, and adventuring gear, which represent a fortune by their standards. Vou are beneath the notice of most people. Downtime checks are at -3.
  • (7 cp/1 cp) – Squalid. You live in a leaky stable, a mud-floored hut just outside town, or a vermin-infested boarding house in the worst part of town. Vou have shelter from the elements, but you live in a desperate and often violent environment, in places rife with disease, hunger, and misfortune. You are beneath the notice of most people, and you have few legal protections. Most people at this lifestyle level have suffered some terrible setback. They might be disturbed, marked as exiles, or suffer from disease. Downtime checks are at -2.
  • (7 sp/7 sp) – Poor. A poor lifestyle means going without the comforts available in a stable community. Simple food and lodgings, threadbare clothing, and unpredictable conditions result in a sufficient, though probably unpleasant, experience. Your accommodations might be a room in a flophouse or in the common room above a tavern. You benefit from some legal protections, but you still must contend with violence, crime, and disease. People at this lifestyle level tend to be unskilled labourers, costermongers, peddlers, thieves, mercenaries, and other disreputable types. Downtime checks are at -1.
  • (7 ep/1 ep) – Modest. A modest lifestyle keeps you out of the slums and ensures that you can maintain your equipment. You live in an older part of town, renting a room in a boarding house, inn, or temple. You don’t go hungry or thirsty, and your living conditions are clean, if simple. Ordinary people living modest lifestyles include soldiers with families, laborers, students, priests, hedge wizards, and the like. Downtime checks are not modified by lifestyle.
  • (7 gp/1 gp) – Comfortable. Choosing a comfortable lifestyle means that you can afford nicer clothing and can easily maintain your equipment. Vou live in a small cottage in a middle-class neighbourhood or in a private room at a fine inn. Vou associate with merchants, skilled tradespeople, and military officers. Downtime checks are at +1.
  • (35 gp/5 gp) – Wealthy. Choosing a wealthy lifestyle means living a life of luxury, though you might not have achieved the social status associated with the old money of nobility or royalty. Vou live a lifestyle comparable to that of a highly successful merchant, a favoured servant of the royalty, or the owner of a few small businesses. You have respectable lodgings, usually a spacious home in a good part of town or a comfortable suite at a fine inn. You likely have a small staff of servants. Downtime checks are at +2.
  • (70+ gp/10+ gp) – Aristocratic. You live a life of plenty and comfort. You move in circles populated by the most powerful people in the community. You have excellent lodgings, perhaps a townhouse in the nicest part of town or rooms in the finest inn. You dine at the best restaurants, retain the most skilled and fashionable tailor, and have servants attending to your every need. You receive invitations to the social gatherings of the rich and powerful, and spend evenings in the company of politicians, guild leaders, high priests, and nobility. You must also contend with the highest levels of deceit and treachery. The wealthier you are, the greater the chance you will be drawn into political intrigue as a pawn or participant. Downtime checks are at +3.

Recuperating and Relaxing

Uses all downtime activities for duration

After a week of downtime spent recuperating and relaxing (no other downtime activities) you can make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw (double the lifestyle mod applies to check). On a successful save, you can choose one of the following results (if the effect causing it has stopped): You can succeed on a failure (but not a 1) if you also take a complication.

  • End one effect on you that prevents you from regaining hit points.
  • For the next 24 hours, gain advantage on saving throws against one disease or poison currently affecting you.
  • Restore one ability score that has been reduced to less than its normal value.
Lifestyle modifier table

see Downtime – Lifestyle

  • Wretched -3 (0 gp per week)
  • Squalid -2 (7 cp per week)
  • Poor -1 (7 sp per week)
  • Modest – no change (7 ep per week)
  • Comfortable +1 (7 gp per week)
  • Wealthy +2 (35 gp per week)
  • Aristocratic +3 (70 gp per week)

Complications: You spend a day extra for every point you increased your failure by and a rival turns up.

Content Updates

  • 2021-11-09 – Adjusted the wealth levels for the downtime accommodation for its bonuses.
  • 2021-08-04 – Updated the menu.
  • 2021-03-11 – Added in details for in session and between session downtime, as well as making choice of accommodation more useful.
  • 2020-10-15 – Added in renown requirements for levelling noting that it is harder to find a teacher the more classes that you know.
  • 2020-03-23 – Structure.
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