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Artefact – Tree of Life

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Attunement: While attuned to the tba you gain the following benefits:

Set Item – Template.


Campaign Items – GM Section

Artefact Details

Note: Discussing GM Section in character at the game table causes your character to take a penalty. Full penalty details are discovered by trial and error.

  • Requirement: tba.
  • Handicap: tba.
  • Power Points: Base 8, Attuned 10, Awakened 12, Exalted 14 PP.
  • Recharge: Base 1, Attuned 2, Awakened 3, Exalted 4 PP per long rest.
  • Powers:

Artefact Penalty


Artefact History

The tree of life is tied to the lifeblood of the elven people, while it is dormant, none of the elves can reproduce and all births are stillborn. While it is active, the elven lifespan is increased tenfold with the potential to live more than 1,000 years. The design of the tree dates back to the first elven civilisation of the elves dated BC 5,000 to BC 3,000. It is linked to the world tree and Odin being the source of inspiration. The first elven civilisation disappeared BC 2,400 with many of the original ruling clans lost to time. Rumours exist of a draconic advisor in the last years of the civilisation, with hints, lore and ruins linked to their existence up to 1,000 years later where they are said to have become the Shadow Elves of folklore. These clans are known as the Celebryl, the Porador, the Felistyr and the Gelbalf.

Ilsundal the Wise lead a migration from the remains of the first elven civilisation to found the Sylvan Realm on the Western edge of the Continent of Brun. This journey took 700 years, starting in BC 2,800. Once settle in the new lands he creates the original tree of life 300 years after the founding, from a branch he received of the world tree on his journey and using bones from the elves and dragon shared ancestors, he crated a portal network aided by a draconic advisor that linked the tree of life to the world tree, the rainbow bridge and all the clan trees. Much of this in conjecture from imagery that has changed over time. The second civilisation of the elves disappeared AC 600 when conquered by Moorkroft, with the survivors arriving in Alfheim.

The third elven civilisation started with Mealiden taking seeds of the tree of life, one for each clan with him to the region now known as Alfheim at BC 800 founded the new nation. Each clan grew their own tree of life, linked by the ancient portal network of lay lines to the original tree via the rainbow bridge. Each child tree then became a new node of the elven lay network where they could tap into the power of the tree’s to create a mystical forest out of a empty moor.

The Tablets of the Sylvan Realm

The Tablets of Atziluth (Fire), Ietzirah (Water), Asiah (Earth), Berriah (Air) and Atziann (Darkness) provide the following additional lore from the Sylvan Realm.

And when the end was so close, divine protection was sought for all of clan Ilsundal. The eldest ordered the final act, and to our wealth, history and lore, we buried it deep. From the youngest to the oldest, all become one with the holy realm. Taking the four elements to nurture the lands, the fifth was left to nurture the clans in darkness, where death has no meaning.

Only the Keeper remained to tend the Tree of Life, mother to the clan tree of those who left with the rainbow. She who decides upon our fate will waken the clan once peace has returned. Twelve magical keys bound three to each element, and each to a guardian for those who left. The darkness is the centre where our tree was hidden in our beloved city.

The secret of our return is a century of peace. Only the reunion of the four separated elements into the darkness of the head shall recall the spirit and the bodies. The children of the mother will hear her call, and those who left may return with a chance.

When you first come to Atziluth, Spirit is the Word, Power becomes the One upon returning to Atziluth. Praise the forest for Ietzirah is the right arm to water.

When you first come to Ietzirah, Honours is the word. Raise becomes the One upon returning to Ietziriah. Praise the tree for Asiah is the feet to earth.

When you first come to Asiah, Our is the word. All become the One upon returning to Asiah. Praise the life for Beriah is the left arm to air.

When you first come to Beriah, Powers is the Word. Dead becomes the One upon returning to Beriah. Praise the darkness for Atziann is the head.

If dead is Keeper, the One, bring the Elements to the Head and unite them in the darkness.

Artefact Traits

  • Handicap – This is an effect applied to all who pend PP while handling the item until the given time has passed.
  • Penalty – A penalty can be removed by a special downtime activity with discussion and approval by games master only. (limit once per game year)
  • Plane Locked – All artefacts cannot be taken through extra dimensional travel, this includes teleportation, fey step and dimensional travel.
  • Power Points (PP) – This is the amount of power points that the artefact can draw upon to use its abilities. All abilities with a PP cost have a chance of causing a penalty on a d20 equal to the cost. Use of PP also causes the wielder to reduce their maximum hit points by the PP spent. This lost hit points uses the Soul Burn mechanics from Secret Crafts.
  • Recharge – the amount of power points that the artefact will refresh over a set time.
  • Set Items – can be combined to form a more powerful item.
  • Team Item – can provide other powers if members of the part wield other items in the team set.

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