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Security – Automated Defenses

  • Automated gun systems are simply weapon-mounted drones placed in fixed location (usually with a 180-degree firing arc) or on slide-mounted track systems. These systems are typically loaded with basic sensors and Targeting autosofts and follow all the standard rules for drones.
  • Containment systems entail a kind of trap mechanism: when an alarm is triggered, shutters drop down over windows, doors shut and lock, and sliding walls or gates may be activated. They may also include laser or monowire mazes and radio jamming. The objective is to detain intruders within a confined area, after which they may be either removed or “neutralised”.​
  • Gas delivery systems can be insidious, dispersing gas in a potentially undetectable manner. Dispersal systems can fill an area of 30 cubic meters in one Combat Turn. The gamemaster determines how far and how quickly a gas spreads. The gamemaster may secretly conduct Perception Tests to see if any characters detect the gas, bashing the threshold on how noticeable the gas is (many gases are colourless and odorless). Characters equipped with an olfactory scanner may be alerted by their gear.​
  • Marking systems are designed to tag intruders with a discreet mark so that they can be identified later if captured. Marking methods include ultraviolet dye, RFID tags, DNA-encoded material, or even nanite tags. The markers are typically sprayed unobtrusively over exits and other traffic areas.​

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