SR Ref Rewards

Shadowrun References

Cash and Karma Rewards

Each player receives the following:

Base cost of 3,000 nuyen + 100 nuyen per net hit on a negotiation test at the start of the run.

This base cost is multilied by the following adding to a x1 multiplier: (Used after run)

  • + Highest opposing dice pool (active skill) divided by 4 (rounded down)
  • +1 if runners were out numbered three to one in a combat situation
  • +1 if runners were out numbered two to one is a combat situation by NPC’s with Professional Rating 4 or higher (not to be used with above three to one modifier)
  • +1 if runners faced a pack of at least six critters
  • +1 if runners encountered at least three different spirits (besides watchers) in a single encounter
  • +1 if runners accomplished the task with impressive speed and/or subtlety
  • +1 if runners risked public exposure or a raised profile as natural part of the run
  • +1 job brings runners into direct contact with a notably dangerous part or element of Sixthed World lore

Cost Modified by the following (Pick one):

  • Standard run
    • nothing special, normal work for a runner
    • +0% total payment
    • 5 Karma a session
  • Run will make you a cold-hearted bastard
    • wetwork, helping corps oppress people, drug running, human trafficing
    • +10 to 20% total payment
    • 3 Karma a sesion
  • Run has good feelings as part of its reward
    • hooding, helping the little guy, taking some ‘dys’ out of ‘dystopia’
    • -10 to 20% total payment
    • 7 Karma a session

Corporate Script (Optional Payment):

  • Any corporate script at +25% total payment
  • Script for corp you run for +50% total payement

10 Year Campaign Experience

  • ​Characters earn 4 Karma per session​
  • ​To help with players who are there for the long term, and those who are only there for a couple of sessions I have changed this from the origional 4 karma for everyone with the same level of karma to 4 karma per session from the session your joined as long as you don’t miss two sessions in a row.​
  • Players with more than one character only get Karma for being there with one character.​
  • ​Season 1-5 are with the same group of characters​
  • ​Season 6 is with all new characters​

Characters as Street Legends

  • 4th 20th Ann – Street Legends
  • ​Characters become legends and gain a mechanical benifit for success in the game.​

In this book, the statistics given for the characters generally reflect their legendary status. There are, however, some characters that are legendary not because they are overwhelmingly powerful, but because their nerve, guts, luck, or other intangible qualities help them to stand out more than their attributes would alone. To reflect this, gamemasters may wish to apply some of the “Cinematic Gameplay” rules (see p. 75, SR4A) to all characters when using these characters in a game.

If gamemasters wish to apply these rules in a more systematic fashion, characters who have achieved 500 Karma can spend 100 Karma to obtain Legendary status, which means they roll successes on 4s, 5s, and 6s.

A Note on Spells

Each magic-using character has a particular list of spells listed for them, but gamesmasters need not feel bound by this, They can swap out spells for these individuals as situations and preferences warrant.​

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