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Subscription Settings

If your a WordPress User then skip to Logged into Word Press, otherwise for email subscribers here is how you get to that section.

Enter your email address and request an email link which will allow you to log in using the email address provided. You will get an email that looks like this.

Logged into WordPress

Once your logged into WordPress you should see something like this.

Notifications Settings

Click on the round icon next to the Write button in the top right of this picture and it will take you to your profile. Then select “Notification Settings” in the left menu and selet “Reader Subscriptions” as shown below.

WP Notification Settings
WP Notification Settings

WordPress Reader Section

Just to make sure we have covered all the bases, you also need to click on the Reader section in the top left as shown below, and once on the screen click on the “Manage” button in the right under the search bar.

Once there click on the setting link under each of the following and adjust it to your preferences. I recommend email me new posts weekly to get an update once a week and cut down on the clutter coming from my blog but still see what is happening. If your keen do daily, I do not recommend you have instantly as there will be some larger dumps of information been added in the new year and your might findyourself swamped with email notifications for things your not interested in.

I hope this helps make your subscription to my blog (and others) a more enjoyable experience.

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B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

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This site is currently undergoing migration to website due to needing a different set of tools that I had available to me on here.

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Game Systems: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder 1 & 2, Shadowrun, Star Wars. Other Game Systems

Site sponsored by the author AS Hamilton (my wife) with her books available on amazon kindle.


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I am a long term gamer, I run 6 RPG's a fortnight, host board game, card game and LANs each about once a quarter and have an addiction to buying more games. Games I am currently running are Pathfinder (1st and 2nd Edition) and Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition).

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