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Running the Playtest

(Based on Sentinels of the Multiverse universe)

Wednesday D&D Group Session 89 to 92 (4 sessions) 14th November 2018 to 23rd January 2019.

This is the first post about the playtest of the starter kit and what my thoughts were on the process.

This is based on the Sentinels of the Multiverse universe first explored in the card game of the same name.

With this set you get to play as one of six of the core heroes as they deal with the fallout of the Oblivion storyline from the card game.

What is Sentinels of the Multiverse

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative, fixed-deck card game with a comic book flavor. Each player plays as one of ten heroes, against one of four villains, and the battle takes place in one of four different dynamic environments.

Each player, after selecting one of the heroes, plays a deck of 40 cards against the villain and environment decks, which “play themselves”, requiring the players to put the top card of the appropriate deck into play on the villain and environment turns. On each player’s turn, they may play a card from their hand, use a power printed on one of their cards in play, and draw a card from their deck. Each round starts with the villain turn, continues clockwise around the table, then concludes with the environment turn. Each villain has various advantages, such as starting with certain cards in play, as specified by the villain character card. Play continues until the heroes reduce the villain to 0 or fewer HP, or until the villain defeats the heroes, either via a win condition or by reducing all the heroes to 0 or fewer HP.

– From Board Game Geek

You can get a number of expansions, and I have managed to fill my kickstarter Oblivion box with all the supplements.

  • Rook City
  • Infernal Relics
  • Shattered Timelines
  • Wrath of the Cosmos
  • Vengeance
  • Villains of the Multiverse
  • Characters – Unity, Scholar, Guide
  • Locations – Celestial Tribunal, Final Wasteland, Ominitron ICV, Silver Gulch 1883
  • Villians – Ambuscade, Chokepoint, Miss Information, Wager Master

These all make excellent story options for the RPG or any superhero storyline.

The Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with a bunch of pre-built heroes representing the Freedom Five and their support person. They feature in the base card game an in the new computer game. Each hero has a bunch of Powers, Qualities and a bunch of abilities based around your characters status. The Power and Quality aspects provide you with dice based on how you describe how you are incorporating the power into the ability your using. A Final dice is used based on the status of your hero, which also increases the ability options as you take damage. There are more rules than this, but this is the basics on what make up a character. There are suggestions in the character booklet as well as instructions on what you need to do to play the character.

Legacy – The All-American

The Mighty flying leader of the Freedom Five. He is a generational hero who appears to be designed around superman with the abilities of flight, strength and resistance.

  • Powers: Awareness, Fight, Strength and Vitality.
  • Qualities: America’s Finest, Close Combat, History, Imposing, Leadership

A good strong hero who is able to provide assistance to each of the other characters as well as take on most opponents.

Tachyon – The Super Speed Scientist

Who thinks even faster than she sprints. She is a speedster in the lines of The Flash, and is also a scientist.

  • Powers: Inventions, Lightning Calculator, Speed, and Vitality.
  • Qualities: Close Combat, Fitness, Mind over Matter, Science, and Self-Discipline.

Very fast, very smart a good character to get to the trouble areas ahead of the others, and be able to return when needed.

Absolute Zero – The Frozen Man

Who is kept alive by his power suit and control of the cold. Able to adapt one energy type to another. Mr Freeze is closest to what I can think of as a comparison, though in this case he is the hero.

  • Powers: Absorption, Cold, Intuition, and Vitality.
  • Qualities: Banter, Cool Under Pressure, Creativity, and Ranged Combat.

Great versatility and with a interesting back story, was fun to see it in play. Was one of the harder characters to play in the card game.

Bunker – The Huge Power Suit

That changes modes and wields the riot cannon. He is a lot like Iron Man and has multiple options all based around the power suit he wears.

  • Powers: Operations Mode, Out of Suit Mode, Utility Mode, Recharge Mode, Tactical Mode, and Turret Mode.
  • Abilities: Close Combat, Ranged Combat, Self-Discipline, and Veteran.

A great concept, and a very good tank to soak the damage for the team.

Wrath – The Urban Rogue

Who uses throwing knives, stealth, and gadgets to fight crime. She appears to be designed along the lines of batman.

  • Powers: Agility, Deduction, Gadgets, and Throwing Knives.
  • Qualities: Close Combat, Fitness, Investigation, Ranged Combat, Stealth, and Wealthy CEO.

This really does have a Batman feel, and the artwork is amazing and was a good character in the game.

Unity – The Former-Intern

She builds robot friends with her mind. They can be copies of the freedom five among other things.

  • Powers: Electricity, Inventions, Metal, and Robotics.
  • Qualities: Banter, Creativity, Former Intern, Insight, Science and Technology.

Unity is a good utility character, good for someone with an imagination.

Sentinels of Freedom

I also backed this game in kickstarter and just got access to it, the freedom five an their intern are part of the storyline, not quite sure where in the story it will fall.

It has a nice hero builder but I like having the freedom five and unity as part of the early story.

I am looking forward to seeing how both progress.

This is now available on steam.

Concluding Thoughts

I think the character options are good fro an introduction, this is best for players who enjoy the card game, and have some idea of who the characters are and what they can do. Though once you get used to the system it is fairly intuitive. I thought it was a lot of fun so I will go into more detail about other aspects of the game in another post, I wanted to showcase the heroes here as an introduction in into the universe.

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