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Gen 1 – Year 5

Twilight Horizon

The Twilight Horizon is mostly set around Los Angeles. This is a big corporation and it is taking a lot of the aspects of the corporate world and throwing characters in deep, including with the P2.0 online social media.

I have managed to continue with my players personal storylines as well to see where it will all go.

Session 88 to 102. 15 Sessions from 12th March 2013 to 22nd October 2013.

  • Cmapaign: Generation One Runner
  • Season 5 (Sessions 88 to 102): Horizon
  • Year 5 (2013/2073) 15 Sessions – Horizon – Session 88 to 102. 15 Sessions from 12th March 2013 to 22nd October 2013
  • Players: Martin M – The Rabbit (14), Warwick – The Blade (10) / Lynch (3), Nathan L – Charlmage (4) / Pixieq (1) / Loti (10), Paul W – Canada (9), Jeremy – Doyle (3) / Raja (8), Paul B – Fisher (3) / Bulletproof (6)

It is the year 2073 – Season Overview

Characters start the season in captivity and end the season short in October with a Forced retirement package from the corporations. This is the concluding chapter of the first generation of the storyline.

Season 5 – Twilight Horizon

So starting in a holding facility, the characters on the night escape without looking for anyone else who may have been caught. While not unusual were were also missing a few players.

The list of plot hooks from the previous years was around nineteen different active storylines that were unresolved. Ranging from PC to NPC, they were all showing up at various points of the storyline.

Characters congregate around the oldest character of the group, who is the main base of operations, as well as the main target of stray plot lines that might remain unresolved.

Character were being given multiple jobs a session to be forced to choose between as not all could be done in the timeframe.

With one of the characters being a shifter, a complication arose where other shifters had stolen one of his caches of credits he had buried causing them to seek the help of Lone Star detective in the special interest section that track and deal with sentient animals, spirits and other non-human creatures.

Characters are dragged into another vampire storyline due to an archaeological dig one of the alternate characters had been off working on.

Characters are also finding that their own venture and side jobs are becoming more important than the runs they are being offered.

This results in them being given a choice or retirement working for Horizon, or retirement being incinerated by Horizon.

Conclusion of a Character Arc

After playing through part of the storyline, characters did not touch on as much of it as I would have liked and we did not get to experience as much of the published material as we did with the Artefact storyline.

There are no regrets with this as it was fun and we did have character advancement. Those that chose to work for the corporation at the end of the 1st Generation storyline.

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