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Ranks and Titles – Landed Lord

Also used for Bishop and Captain

Landed Lords of Mystra

Landed Lords of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Lady Halia Antonic (Verge, F36, Wiz9), Lady Magda Marilenev (Marilenev, F60),

Bishops of Mystara (Counts as Landed Lord)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Alfric Oderbry (Specularum, Church of Karameikos, M50, Clr16), Desmond Kelvin II (Kelvin, Church of Karameikos, M40, Pal12),

Captains of Mystara (Counts as Landed Lord)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Aleena Halaran (Threshold, Order of the Griffon, F32, Pal14), Desmond Kelvin II (Kelvin, Order of the Griffon, M40, Pal12),

Landed Lord – When Awarded

When this rank is awarded, it is always accompanied by the awarding of a fief. The fief may be small – one village and some surrounding lands, for instance, or even lands with no population at all – but it belongs to the landed lord or lady and all permanent residents upon it (except, theoretically, those of a higher rank) are subjects of the landed lord or lady.​

In game terms, Landed Lordship and Ladyship grants respect like that of the Court Lord and Lady. However, the title is accompanied by the fief; the Landed Lord is in control of (and responsible for) a population of normal men and women. Defending them against troubles, staying on guard against troublemakers and criminal plotters among them, and holding onto the fief in the face of enemy conspiracy and political maneuverings will allow for numerous adventure ideas.​

Landed Lord are addressed as “Lord (Family Name)” or “Lady (Family Name)”. However, noblement may address a Landed Lord by the name of his fief. For instance, Lord Lev Dromilov of Dmitrov may be addressed as “Lord Dromilov” by anyone or as “Dmitrov” by another nobleman.​

Landed Lord – How to Gain

These are the awards the characters will attain on their way to becoming barons. Some will never achieve baronial status, for them, these are the awards which they will always have.​

​If the character meets all of the following then he is under consideration for Landed Lord.​

  • has reached ninth level.
  • demonstrated unquestionable loyalty to the rulers of the region.
  • is known to have participated in at least two adventure of Great Importance to the rulers.
  • is considered fit for the management of a fief.

Landed Lord – Ceremony of Attainment

The Landed Lord candidate, having fulfilled all the tasks that the Rulers set before him, is summoned before the Rulers, usually at an important feast or event. The herald recites the character’s successes in his effort to gain clear title to his fief. The Ruler then asks the character if he is now ready to take up the duties of Lord of (the name of the fief) and to exchange oaths of fealty. If the character is, the character and Ruler exchange their vows. The herald presents the character with a scroll confirming his new position in life; often, the Ruler will present the character with a personal gift of great value, usually decorated with the character’s coat of arms.​

Military Title – Captain

The military officer attaining the rank of Captain gain similar authority, just not the ownership of the land. Though given no formal award for Captaincy, the officer does retain the Court Lord rank awarded to him when he became a Lieutenant. They gain military authority over the area assigned to them.

Religion Title – Bishop

A cleric who had advanced to the position of Bishop is accorded the respect due to a Landed Lord, but is given no formal title. They gain religious authority over the area assigned to them.

Landed Lord – Spouse Title

The spouse of a Landed Lord becomes a Landed Lady, and the spouse of a Landed Lady automatically becomes a Landed Lord, over the same fief.

Landed Lord – Heir Rights

The heir of the Landed Lord and Lady automatically receives the title if both parents die or step down from their rulership.​

Landed Lord in Karameikos

The Rulers: Royal Family of Karameikos

This is the lowest rank of landed nobility in Karameikos.

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