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Pathfinder 2 – Thassilonian Resurgence Design

Part 2 – Main Cities and Campaign Players Guides

Now that I have introduced the concept of the campaign, an important element of the ongoing narrative of the storyline is the locations where the characters will be based. For this I will go into some detail about the cities. I have an outline of my campaign players guide below.

Why use Curse of the Crimson Throne?

Also of importance is the next adventure path in consideration of the storyline Curse of the Crimson Throne. This is one that I think will work nicely alongside all the others that I am working on.

Bringing back the cities of Varisa into the storyline means that I can also revisit the storyline from Curse of the Crimson Throne. This is an interesting city, which I ran with the 3.5 version of the adventure path and I have the pathfinder revised book, to go with the pathfinder revised Rise of the Runelords. This gives me a chance to utilise these books and bring in a storyline that advances no matter what the characters do.

This adventure path is mostly focused around Korvosa and the strangeness that effects that region. So even in the players do not reach this part of the country, they will hear rumours.

The main locations of the campaign

So the second part of the building the world for the players is discussing the locations of the world available to the players during the campaign.

  • Absalom – City at the Centre of the World, this is not in Varisia, but the home of the Pathfinder Society
  • Korvosa – Centre of the Curse of the Crimson Throne
  • Magnimar – Centre of Shattered Star, Return of the Runelords and Rise of the Runelords
  • Riddleport – Centre of Second Darkness

There are lesser towns and villages, but these four represent the culture, knowledge and power of the current age of the world. Players are expected to be able to travel to any of these locations as part of the storyline.

Absalom – The Centre of the Pathfinder World

The start of the campaign is set here with the characters starting the game after spending the last three years of their life studying to become a Pathfinder Society Member. This adventure is described under Aspirant Pathfinders once it has been completed by my players.

Characters will get a chance to visit and interact with the centre of all things, Absalom, once they have gained enough prestige with the Pathfinder society. This includes access to the factions, the ability to find unusual materials and items, as well as news from abroad.

This is the location where the Test of the Starstone is located. This is a chance to become a god for those who are worthy, or lucky, or even on a drunk bet.

Campaign Cities

The three core cities that will be covered in the Varisian region are: Korvosa, Magnimar and Riddleport. Each of these have holdings that will be important as the storyline progresses. These are a view of the locations from history as taught by some of the locals. There will be other places of interest for characters, but these are the core places to visit in the storyline.


A city where the Chelliax settles built a town founded on the ideals of their nation before the fall of their god, and the rise of devil worship. Ruled by a king, and still in charge of many holdings in the south of Varisia. This is built around an ancient monument that has been incorporated into the kings castle.


A city where other settlers broke off from Chelliax ideas and founded their own settlement away from the influences of other countries. This has been built around a massive broken bridge to nowhere.


A city that sort of formed by accident when a bunch of pirates got together and formed an alliance. This has been built around a harbour at a massive circle of rune’ed stone over (and under) the harbour.

The Campaign Players Guide

Note: This is now being converted over into the blog instead of being a seperate PDF.

Players will also be receiving a players guide to the adventure path, updated as we play, and taken from various products in pathfinder’s ten years of material. Included you will have the following:

  • Guide to character creation: How to build characters for the campaign
  • Racial Options: Where to find the racial feats, and how these feats will be treated in my campaign (if different). At this stage, Heritage is an additional aspect of a characters ancestry. Now in the blog under races.
  • Background Feats: Where to find the background feats, and how these feats will be treated in my campaign (if different). At this stage, there are two feats per character, a location background, and a occupational background. Now in blog under feats
  • Class Options: Where to find the class abilities and feats, and how these feats will be treated in my campaign (if different) Now in the blog on the class page
  • Actions: Where to find the various actions available to characters. Now in blog
  • Reactions: Where to find the various actions available to characters. Now in blog
  • Free Actions: Where to find the various actions available to characters. Now in blog
  • Downtime Activities: Where to find the various actions available to characters. Now in blog
  • Languages of Varisia: The main languages of the campaign adventure path.Now in character creation where it is most needed
  • Factions of the Pathfinder Society: What players need to know about the pathfinder society as the game progresses. Now in blog under factions.
  • Locations: The main locations around Varisia and Absalom for the characters to be aware of. Now in blog. See Campaign Page.
  • Religions of Varisia: These are the gods that characters are able to follow during the campaign. Now coming out in the blog in August. See Campaign Page.
  • Historical Events: These are points of interest that have happened before and during the campaign. Now in the blog on the campaign page.
  • Annotated Stat Block: Here are the guidelines for building an annotated stat block in pathfinder 2 for me to reference during the game. Now in blog
  • References: Here are a list of sourcebooks that the material was referenced from. All in references
  • Index: a master index to help players find things easier. Now the blog which has a search function.

While still mostly a skeleton, the players guide is about 110 pages long. The intention is to move this to the blog as source material always on hand and available.

Content Updates

  • 2021-07-29 – Layout and linking updates.
  • 2020-06-15 – Noting what has been moved from the Players Guide to the blog.
  • 2020-03-24 – Structure.
  • 2020-03-09 – Structure and content update.
  • 2019-08-16 – Additional content
  • 2019-08-12 – Migrated from old site.
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