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Pathfinder – Adventure Path #6 – Kingmaker This is my thoughts on the books, storyline and possible issues I found while trying not to produce any spoilers for the storyline. This is an outline for a later review. Introduction Guide to the River Kingdoms Book 31 – Stolen Land Book 32 – Rivers Run Red […]

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My Library – pf1-pch-grk Pathfinder Chronicles – Guide to the River Kingdoms Pathfinder 1st Edition Publisher: Paizo Rules: Pathfinder 1st Edition Developer: ​​Eric Bailey, Kevin Carter, Elaine Cunningham, Adam Daigle, Mike Ferguson, Joshua J. Frost, James Jacobs, Steve Kenson, Rob Manning, Colin McComb, Alison McKenzie, China Miéville, Brock Mitchel-Slentz, Jason Nelson, Richard Pett, Chris Pramas, […]