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DnD Races Humans of Earth (Atruaghin)

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara Races – Human of Earth (Atruaghin) Atruaghin Heritage Details Atruaghin Traits Atruaghin Character Options Atruaghin Campaign Examples Atruaghin Racial Magical Items Content Updates This is my take on the Atruaghin people using the five element concept. Descendants of the Antalians and Based on the American Indian. Descendants of the Azcans, […]

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DnD Gaz KW Atruaghin Clans

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara Gazetteer #14 – The Known World – The Atruaghin Clans Source: The Atruaghin Clans (0e-gaz-14) Character Options Wrath of the Immortals Timeline Content Updates Based on the ideas of tribal life, having forsaken metals and their refinement, they have become a deeply spiritual people. Constantly at war within their tribes, […]