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Video SR Gen-3 011

Video – SR Genesys

Shadowrun – Gen3 – Ad-hoc Games

Generation 3 – Season 11

  • Overall Session: #1,343
  • Date: 13th July 2022
  • Campaign Session: Session 011
  • Gaming Group: Wed PF2 Group Session 217
  • Campaign: Shadowrun Ad-hoc Games
  • Adventure: 2050 Gen-3 011 – The four jobs of 2050 – 01 – Meet the Johnsons

SR Genesys Games: All video’s for the fill in sessions where the existing game does not have enough characters to play.

Video’s will be created on the night, and uploaded when possible after the event. There is a fortnightly schedule for this game. There are five other games running in the same fortnight. This is one campaign night out of 7 that I am running as the Games Master.

Adventures – Generation 3: Seattle Street Kids

Shadowrun Ad-hoc Group
Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Returns PC Game
  • Shadowrun Gen-3 Ad-hoc adventures (Genesys)
  • Session
  • 27th May 2022 to now
  • Current Characters (Sessions 7+): Desrin (6), Womp (6), Georgie (5), Bolt (4), Floggar (4), Shadowstar (3), Cuscus (2), BB (1)
  • Gen-3 – 2050 (? total from 001+) – Jeremy – Desrin (6), Ross – Womp (6), David – Georgie (5), Eme – Bolt (4), Josh – Floggar (4), Ariadna – Shadowstar (3), Victor – Cuscus (2), Emrys – BB (1)

Current Characters

  • PC BB (Human (Aristocrat) Con Artist)
    • From Session 006
  • PC Bolt (Animalistic (Wolf) Con Artist Marauder)
    • From Session 001
  • PC – Cuscus (Animalistic (Reptile) Druid Primalist)
    • From Session 002
  • PC Desrin Deadshot (Elven (City) Courier Scoundrel)
    • From Session 002
  • PC Floggar (Troll Bounty Hunter Assassin)
    • From Session 001
  • PC – Georgie (Human (Clone) Soldier Marauder
    • From Session 002
  • PC Shadowstar (Elven (Awakened) Con Artist Shadow)
    • From Session 001
  • PC Womp (Troll Diviner Charmer)
    • From Session 002

Important NPCs

  • NPC TBA:
Shadowrun Genesys

Gen 3 – Ad-hoc

Gen 3 (2050) – 2020 August (SR015 24th, SR014 17th, SR013 10th), July (SR012 20th, SR011 13th, SR010 8th, SR009 6th), June (SR008 29th, SR007 24th, SR006 22nd, SR005 15th, SR004 10th, SR003 8th, SR002 1st), May (SR001 27th)

Shadowrun RPG

Game Management: Choosing a new Campaign, Creating a SR Campaign Skype, Tracking Experience

Locations: Seattle 2069, ShadowSea

Storyline: Seattle Elections 2069

Corporations: Ares, Aztechnology, Evo, Horizon, MCT, NeoNet, Renraku, Saeder-Krupp, Wuxing

References: Corporations, Personalities, Rewards, Timeline, Vehicles

Security: Automated DefencesBarriersCountering Matric ThreatsCountering Physical ThreatsDoorsHTRLandscapingSensors

Campaign 2

Gen 3 – 2050

Campaign 1

Gen 1 Street: The Setup, Year One – Origin Story, Year Two – Emergence

Gen 1 Runner: Year Three – Ghost Cartels, Year Four – Artefacts, Year Five – Horizon

Gen 2 Street: The Setup, Year Five – Horizon, Year Six – Dragons, Year Seven – Jet Set

Gen 2 Runner: Year Eight – Sprawl Wilds, Year Nine – Stolen Souls

Gen 3 Runner: The Setup, Year Nine – Stolen Souls, Year Ten – Lockdown

Gen3 Terrinoth:

Gen3 Prime: Year Ten – Lockdown, Year Elven – The End.

Library of Books

B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

Main Logo

This site is constantly under revision, no blog posts are final as this is a work in progress place for me to develop my game settings and rules. Some posts might be placeholders for future content, so feel free to check back later for updated information.

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Game Systems: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder 1 & 2, Shadowrun, Star Wars. Other Game Systems

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