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DnD NPC Edrecort

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

NPC – Edrecort

Master Edrecort

Edrecort (Male Fire Genasi, Wizard 16)
Title – Master, Chief Spy


AC 1000 – MU15 – Converted to Wizard 15
AC 1010 – Wiz16


History: Master Edrecort came to Alfheim with the Prince-Legate but has no official tie with the embassy. He is however, an Alphatian spy extraordinaire. He is serving his time here in what counts to Alphatians as the boondocks because it is one more post on the long ladder to the top of the government in the Magical Empire. Alphatia is vaguely interested in the elves because so many of them are magic-users. Yet the main reason for having an expensive spy network in an out-of-the-way place like Alfheim Town is the opportunity to keep in touch with the latest gossip from all the other outsiders in town – in the hope of gleaning important intelligence from careless remarks.

This is Edrecort’s first posting as chief of a spy operation. He hopes to be promoted in a decade or so to another, more important post in a bigger country. Meanwhile, he teaches magic at his little academy, and in his spare time arranges for plots and thefts of information all over Alfheim.


Personality: Edrecort is charming, engaging, and totally unprincipled. His real job of spymaster suits him perfectly. Edrecort is trustworthy exactly as long as he thinks it is in his interest to be so. His treachery is often swift and fatal. So far he has an unblemished reputation for fairness among the diplomatic corps.


Appearance: Edrecort is tall and skinny, with long, bushy, flaming-red hair. He wears green robes of magically iridescent material which he obtains from Glantri (He obtained the robes here in Alfheim. There is no normal trade between Glantri and Alphatia). When Edrecort decides to go out on some skulduggery of his own, he simply puts on plain clothing and magically disguises his features.


Genasi – AirTeldon (Specularum, M622, W16),

Genasi – FireEdrecort (Alfheim, W16),

GM Section

DMing Notes: Edrecort is the source of much spying and occasional evil plots in Alfheim Town. A normal adventuring party will usually wind up defending against his plots, without realizing who is behind them. He will decide to advance either Alphatian interests or his own dark deeds and some person, group, or thing cherished by the adventurers will be sacrificed. The adventurers will have to deal with his minions in several encounters as they go up in level. Higher level adventurers may confront the Spymaster himself, usually in disguise. Edrecort has no commercial contacts, but he can provide instruction at the Magic School for player magic-users who have earned his favor by performing tasks, innocent or otherwise, for him.


Combat Notes: M15; AC 0 (bracers of shield and dexterity bonus; hp 35; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1; D 4-7 (dagger +3); Save M15; ML 12; ALC; S 10,118, W 18, D 17, Co 9, Ch 16.

Abilities & Skills: Persuasion (Ch + 1), Bargaining (Ch), Forest Survival (I), Knowledge of Alfheim Town Politics (I).

Languages: Alphatian, Thyatian, Alignment (C), elf, orc.

Spells Usually Carried: Edrecort’s favorite spells are charm person and disintegrate. Others are generally useful for concealment or terror.

Notes: Edrecort has a full selection of magic items, drawing both from his own arsenal and from the stores of the Embassy, as needed. He often carries a Staff of Wizardry and one or two poisoned daggers, and has access to a good supply of potions of Wizardry

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