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DnD NPC Widefarer – Durifern

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NPC – Widefarer, Durifern

Durifern Widefarer

Durifern Widefarer (Male Elf, Ranger 10/Druid 9)
Title – Clanmaster of Clan Grunalf


AC 1000 – E9 – Converts to Ranger 9/Druid 9
AC 1010 – Rgr10/Drd9


History: Durifern came into his position reluctantly. He is the oldest Grunalf and therefore has no excuse for rejecting it. He has spent his entire life roving the forests of Alfheim. In his younger days he roamed those of neighboring lands as well, but he hasn’t left Alfheim since he became first a Counselor and then Clanmaster.


Personality: Durifern is the strong, silent, type. In council he seems to spend his time watching the other members and weighing their words, but he usually makes up his mind immediately and uses the rest of the time remembering his last hunt. Thus, his final votes on various questions are often a surprise to the other council members, who have heard all the arguments that he has ignored. In conversation, he uses as few words as possible and expects the listener to fill in the gaps. He has little time for anyone who doesn’t seem like a woods-wise person, be he elf or other.


Appearance: Durifern is tall for an elf, about 5’8″. His skin is tanned-brown and his hair sun-bleached and moving toward white. He always wears leather armor (which happens to be enchanted) and carries a bow.


Elven Clans – GrunalfArloen Treelife (Alfheim – Representative, Rgr14/Drd10), Durifern Widefarer (Clanmaster, Rgr10/Wiz9),

GM Section

DMing Notes: Durifern frequently travels without an entourage or with just a few other hunters. He can be encountered anywhere in the forest without warning, and makes a good deus ex machina to save characters’ bacon when they’ve gotten themselves in too deep.


Combat Notes: E9; AC 1; hp 50; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 2 (Attack Class D); D 4-11 (sword +3); Save E9; ML 11; ALN; S 14, I 14, W 16, D 18, Co 16, Ch 13.

Abilities & Skills: Hiding (1 + 2), Knowledge of Canolbarth Forest (I), Tracking (1 + 2), Treewalking (D),

Languages: elf, orc, gnoll, hobgoblin, Alignment (N), Glantrian, Thyatian.

Spells Usually Carried: Level I – faerie fire, longstride, watcher. Level II – detect danger, predict weather. Level III – water breathing. Level IV – charm monster.

Notes: Durifern has leather armor +3 and a sword +3. He also carries a rope of climbing and wears a ring of seeing

Design changes for Character

D&D Elven Clan GrunalfAlfheim (Mainly Elves of Earth – Wildfey)
Settlement – Ainsun (Alfheim(5,3)), Dewdrop (Alfheim(5, 1)), Misthaven (Alfheim(6,7)), Thornbush (Alfheim(3,5)),

Elven Clans – GrunalfArloen Treelife (Alfheim – Representative, Rgr14/Drd10), Durifern Widefarer (Clanmaster, Rgr10/Wiz9),

  • DnD Elven Clan Grunalf Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Grunalf Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Grunalf Arrow

The Grunalf clan holding of Ainsun lies in the densest forests of Alfheim, between the River of Monsters and the Black Lake Rivers. This has produced a clan of avid monster-hunters, foresters, and gardeners.

The Grunalfs are involved in maintaining the forest of Alfheim. The greatest foresters, the best trackers, the most prodigious hunters are said to come from Ainsun. The Grunalfs are also the best boatsmen of the Alfheim elves. They specialize in canoes and kayaks which act as platforms for their monster hunting.

The Grunalfs bore the brunt of the Shadowelf invasion centuries ago, and are especially vigilant in sniffing out new outbreaks of the Broken Landers. Many great Treekeepers have come from the Grunalfs. Their ability at growing things and keeping them alive is unmatched anywhere in Alfheim.

The Grunalf naming convention is similar to that of Long Runner and Red Arrow in that they each take a use name, which has no magical significance, but in addition to, rather than instead of, a real name.

Clanmaster Durifern Widefarer is frequently absent from Council meetings. When present, he stays quiet and then votes in a way no one expects him to. He stays on good terms with his fellow Council Members, though few consider him an asset to the council.

Converting Gunalf Elves in BECMI to 5th Edition – Elves split their advancement from a martial class and a spellcasting class for the first ten levels, then dedicate themselves to either the martial or the spellcasting class for the Letter advancement starting at C and going to M. Grunalf elves prefer Ranger and Druid as their match.

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