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NPC – Carlisan


Carlisan (Male Elf, Rogue 7/Wizard 7)
Title – Counselor to the Clanmaster of Chossum


AC ? – Age 35 – Joined the Chossum Clan
AC 1000 – Age ? (E6) Converts to Rogue 6/Wizard 6
AC 1005 – Rog7/Wiz6
AC 1010 – Rog7/Wiz7


History: Carlisan came to Chossum clan as a young (about 35) refugee, the only survivor of a stronghold wiped out in a natural disaster. He was adopted into the clan and ingratiated himself. He has not much experience for a counselor, and has never been an adventurer. However, he is favored by both Lynnwyl and Sharlikran and is their most trusted advisor in matters of policy and trade details. He is the one who picks out the actual traders for the caravans that Sharlikran staffs. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, he has rarely budged from the clan seat at Desnae; he prefers getting his information second-hand and evaluating it.


Personality: Carlisan seems very open and above-board in all his dealings with everyone in and outside the clan. He agrees with Sharlikran’s staffing policies and even suggests some non-elves who might be good staff members. To every new acquaintance he is friendly and very interested in anything the person has to say.

Of course, he is actually something of a sadist, who loves to butter up his potential victims.


Appearance: Unlike most Chossum elves, Carlisan is fair, with light-colored hair and no facial hair. He is about average elf height and weight.


Elven Clans – ChossumCalisan (Counselor, M, Rog7/Wiz7), Daisy of Desnae (Alfheim Town, F, Pal8/Clr8), Shalander (Karameikos – Specularum, M120, Pal8/Clr7),

Elven Clans – Shadow ElvesCalisan (Alfheim, M, Rog7/Wiz7),

GM Section

DMing Notes: What no one knows of Carlisan is that he is a Shadowelf, planted young among the clan members of Chossum with the purpose of gaining a position of power. Right now, he seems to be working for the best interests of the clan, but he is actually building up a network of contacts throughout the southern area of the continent to help facilitate the shadowelves master plan.

Player characters meet Carlisan early in their careers when dealing with the Chossum clan, and may run into his machinations (see “Adventures” section). He is always affable and ingratiating, but will use spells like command word and charm person in situations that do not normally call for them


Combat Notes: E6; AC 5; hp 30; MV 90′ (30′); #AT 1; D 2-7; Save E6; ML 9; AL C; S 12,1 18, W 14, D 11, Co 16, Ch 18.

Abilities & Skills: Bargaining (Ch), Hiding (I), Knowledge of Shadowelf Plans (I), Persuasion (Ch + 2), Tracking (I), Treewalking (D).

Languages: elf, orc, gnoll, hobgoblin, Alignment (C), Thyatian, Glantrian, Traladaran, gnome.

Spells Usually Carried: Level I – charm person, command word. Level II – ESP, mindmask. Level III – clairvoyance, hold person.

Notes: Carlisan has never shown any magic items to his associates. He has, in fact, stolen an elven longsword. He also has a ring of Flying (acts just like the spell, but can be used three times a day).

Design changes for Character

D&D Elven Clan Chossum – Alheim, Darokin (Mainly Elves of Air – Nomadfey)
Settlements – Densae (Alfheim(-2,6)), Turnclaw (Alfheim(-6,7)),

Elven Clans – ChossumCalisan (Counselor, M, Rog7/Wiz7), Daisy of Desnae (Alfheim Town, F, Pal8/Clr8), Shalander (Karameikos – Specularum, M120, Pal8/Clr7),

  • DnD Elven Clan Chossum Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Chossum Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Choosum Arrow

The Chossum clan is firmly in favor of outside contact and progress, as long as they can turn a profit. Some more conservative elves call the Chossums the “dwarves of Alfheim”, their love of money and desire for a good business deal seem decidedly unelvish. Others think them a regression to the ways of the elves of the southern continent, from whom Ilsundal led his immigration.

Most of the wandering traders who go from clan to clan with hard-to-get food-stuffs, weapons, and wearing apparel are members of the Chossum clan. The Chossums are wheelers and dealers. Clan leaders have proposed that major trade roads be built into Alfheim from Corunglain and Selenica and even the Rockhome mountains, so as not to stifle trade by focussing it through the Darokin road.

The Chossums resent the Erendyl position as ambassadors to Glantri, they feel that the Erendyl ambassador has no concept of Alfheim’s trade needs. There is talk of Shadowelf infiltration of the Chossum clan, but this is regarded as the idle gossip of folk from clans who don’t understand true entrepreneurial spirit.

Clanmaster Lynnwyll is in favor of anything that puts elven products in the markets of the world, and the world’s gold into Clan Chossum’s pockets.

Converting Chossum Elves in BECMI to 5th Edition – Elves split their advancement from a martial class and a spellcasting class for the first ten levels, then dedicate themselves to either the martial or the spellcasting class for the Letter advancement starting at C and going to M. Chossum elves prefer Paladin and Cleric as their match.

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