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Models Available:

  • Base Motorcycle
Genesys Foundry
Genesys Foundry

The motorcycle has been around since the earliest steam-powered bicycles in the mid-1800s. The modern version is small, manoeuvrable and fuel efficient, having seen civilian and military use for centuries. This profile can represent a Jet Ski in a modern setting, or if you change the control skill to Piloting, it can represent a hover bike (or hopperbike) in a science fiction setting.

Genesys Rules – Motorcycle
  • Source: Genesys Expanded Player’s Guide (gen-epg)
  • MotorcyclePrice 3,255 cr, Rarity: 4
    • Silhouette – 1, Speed – 4, Handling – +1
    • Range Bands – Engaged 1/Short 120/Medium 240/Long 480/Extreme 960. Note Bikes have a x10 multiplier
    • Def Fore – 0, Aft – 0
    • Armour – 0, HT Threshold – 2, SS Threshold – 3
    • Vehicle Type – Motorcycle, Model – Bike/Generic
    • Manufacturer – Generic
    • Maximum Altitude – 0 m
    • Sensor Range – Close
    • Crew – One Driver
    • Encumbrance Capacity – 4
    • Consumables – 5 hours
    • Passenger Capacity – 0 (1 uncomfortably)
    • Customisation Hard Points – 2
    • Weapons – None
    • Features
      • Grid Guide – Has an autopilot of 1 when connected to the grid

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