SR Ref Vehicles

Shadowrun References


Vehicle by Name

Aerospace Superiority Fighter (Generic Gen231), Armoured Personnel Carrier (Military, Generic),

Battleship (Generic epg69), Bomber – Heavy (Generic epg72), Bus (Automobile Generic),

Automobile (Generic), Cargo Freighter (Boats Generic), Cargo Plane (Planes Generic), Chopper (Motorcycle, Harley Scorpion), Cruiser – Guided Missile (Generic epg70),

Destroyer Ship (Generic epg68),

Fighter Plane (Generic epg71), Frigate (Generic epg69),

Helicopter – Civilian (Generic epg72), Helicopter Gunship (Generic epg72),

Locomotive (Trains Generic),

Motorboat (Ship Generic), Motorcycle (Generic),

Off-Road Bike (Motorcycle, Yamaha Growler),

Racing Bike (Motorcycle, Suzuki Mirage, Yamaha Rapier),

Scooter (Motorcycle, Dodge Scoot), Shuttle – Orbital (Generic epg73), Sports Car – Low Cost (Generic), Submarine (Generic epg69),

Tank (Generic epg66), Truck (Generic),

Wasteland Buggy (Military Generic), Wasteland Nomad Rig (Generic epg65),

Vehicle by Type

  • Automobile (Generic)
    • Bus (Generic)
    • Pickup – Heavy Duty (Toyota Gopher)
    • Limousine (Mitsubishi Nightsky)
    • Sedan (Mercury Comet)
    • Sports Car (Eurocar Westwind 3K)
    • Sports Car – Low Cost (Ford Spiral 115Ti)
    • Subcompact (Honda Spirit)
  • Boats and Subs (Generic)
    • Cargo Freighter (Generic)
    • Cruiser – Sports (SC Otter)
    • Motorboat (Generic)
    • Patrol Boat (Morgan Cutlass)
    • Sub – Mini (Vulkan Electronaut)
    • Yacht (MT Seal Nymph)
  • Drones
    • Drone – Small (Aztechnology Crawler, Lockheed Optic-X)
    • Drone – Large (C-D Dalmatian, CrashCart AutoDoc, Steel Lynx)
    • Drone – Medium (GM-Nissian Doberman, MCT-Nissian Roto-drone)
    • Microdrone (Shiawase Kanmushi, S-B Microsimmer)
    • Minidrone (Lone Star iBall, MCT Fly-Spy)
  • Hovercraft (Generic)
    • Hovercraft (GMC Everclages)
  • Military and Security Vehicles
    • APC (Generic)
    • Patrol Car (Chrysler-Nissan Patrol-1)
    • Patrol Hovercraft (GMC Beachcraft)
    • Riot Control Vehicle (Ares Citymaster)
    • Wasteland Buggy (Generic)
  • Trucks (Generic)
    • Van (GMC Bulldog)
  • Rotorcraft (Generic)
    • Autogyro (Horthrup Wasp)
    • Cargo Helicopter (Ares Dragon)
    • Utility Helicopter (Hughes Stallion)
    • Thunderbird (GMC Banshee)
    • Tilt-Wing Airplane (Fed Boeing Commuter)
  • Winged Planes (Generic)

Vehicle Modifications

  • Troll Adaption – 1 Hardpoint, +25% vehicle cost, will cause non trolls to have two upgrades on all vehicle action checks. A troll cannot make use of non troll adapted vehicles unless they take up the space meant for 4 normal size people and have an encumbrance space free of twice their Brawn rating.

Content Updates

  • 2022-06-19 – Added in Shadowrun specific other vehicles to be converted over for the game setting.
  • 2022-06-17 – Added in Motorcycles
  • 2022-06-07 – Page created.
Shadowrun Vehicles

AutomobilesBus, Sports Car – Low Cost

BoatsCargo Freighter, Motorboat

MilitaryAPC, Wasteland Buggy

Motorcycles Chopper, Off-Road Bike, Racing Bike, Scooter

PlanesCargo Plane


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