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NPC – Beerthumb, Boris

Boris Beerthumb

Boris Beerthumb (Make Traladaran, Age 45, Fighter 8)
Title – Landlord of the Silver Chalice


AC 965 – Born in Knosht, near Threshold, Karameikos.
AC 990 – Bought Silver Chalice in Alfheim Town.
AC 1000 – Age 35, F6
AC 1005 – Age 40 – Ftr7
AC 1010 – Age 45 – Ftr8


History: Boris is a native of Karameikos, a Traladaran. Boris was born in 965 in Knosht, a small farming village in the wooded foothills to the East of Threshold. He spent a few years as an adventurer after Shearing, and eventually settled in Alfheim when he found the Silver Chalice up for sale just after the end of a rewarding but scary encounter with a small army of Trolls in the Rockhome Mountains. Boris has been the landlord of the Silver Chalice for about 10 years.


Personality: Boris came to town as a naturally pleasant man whose native openness had been muted by the strange and wild experiences he had while adventuring. Now, Boris is honest and truthful in his dealings, yet is selective in terms of what he will tell people. He will keep secrets and will not give sensitive information to adventurers unless he feels they can use it and use it wisely. Boris impresses many people as a good man with a secret, so he hears more about things than many a more loquacious person.


Appearance: He is a typical Traladaran, heavily built, but of medium height. Boris has medium-long hair and a trimmed beard, both dark brown. Boris wears Traladaran-cut working clothes under his bar apron, although he dresses on occasion in imported Minothard or Thayatian finery.


GM Section

DMing Notes: Boris is, with all of his taciturn nature, the best contact for relatively low-level adventurers arriving in Alfheim. Boris can tip off adventurers to jobs available around town and to occasional adventures in the Alfheim Forests, and sometimes beyond.


Combat Notes: 6th level fighter; AC9; hp 31; MV 120′(40); #AT 1 (sword); D 1-8, SaveF6; ML 10; ALL; S 15,113, W 10, D 14, Co 11, Ch 14.

Abilities & Skills: Barkeeping (1 + 1), Knowledge of City Happenings (I), Literacy (I), Riding (D), Tracking (I),

Languages: Traladaran, Elf, Alignment (Lawful), Thyatian.

Notes: As a heritage of his adventuring days, Boris has boots of levitation and a scroll of protection from undead which he keeps in his owner’s quarters

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