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NPC – Hazarkan, Abdullah

Abdullah Hazarkan

Abdullah Hazarken (Male Alasiyan, Age 55, Cleric 10)
Title: Merchant of Ylaruam, Uncle Silk

Alfheim - Abdullah Hazarkan
Alfheim – Abdullah Hazarkan

AC 955 – Born in Ylaruam City, Ylaruam
AC 995 – Settled in Alfheim
AC 1000 – Age 45 (C8)
AC 1005 – Age 50, Cleric 9
AC 1010 – Age 55, Cleric 10


History: Abdullah Hazarkan is a strange contradiction – a caravan master from Ylaruam doing a strong and profitable business in the heart of elf country. Uncle Silk, as he is commonly known in town, came from a long-established trading family from Ylaruam City itself, who lost most of their money in a shameful trading scandal engineered by scheming merchants of the Kin faction. These schemers were seemingly abetted and organized by a far-reaching plot never entirely unearthed. Abdullah was forced to leave the Emirates, working his way around the various trade routes first as a lowly caravan guard, then more and more as a merchant in his own right. As he increased his wealth, he naturally planned with glee his triumphant return to Ylaruam, to re-purchase his old family estate, and establish himself in an early retirement. As it happened, when he returned to his home town, the same cabal which ruined his parents and beggared his other relatives struck, robbing him of both money and reputation in one disastrous evil plot, and leaving him running in fear of his life.

Abdullah has resided in Alfheim for five years now, and finds it the perfect hide-out from his countrymen, since there are so few Ylari who would even consider journeying to Alfheim, that any agents sent against him are easy to spot and counteract. Meanwhile, this honest son of the desert has found it within himself to become an upstanding citizen of Alfheim Town. As he amasses his third fortune, he fondly considers the possibility of never leaving his adopted home town.


Personality: Abdullah Hazarkan is a typical merchant from the Emirates – crafty and subtle, but ultimately reliable and lawful. Abdullah is now driven by the desire to give back as good as he received from the evil cabal which twice caused his downfall.


Appearance: Hazarkan is 45 years old, 4′ 11″ tall and weighs 250 pounds. He is clean-shaven, has thin black hair worn in naturally oily ringlets, and favors costumes made from purple silk cut in the desert style. He rarely leaves his compound without several of his trusted bodyguards.


GM Section

DMing Notes: Abdullah Hazarkan can be the source of many merchant-type adventures – elves could find employment as agents or caravan guards, or could be sent searching elven lands in the forest or in Glantri or Karameikos to locate specific treasures known to the merchant from strange sources. Humans will find employment as caravan personnel to locations far afield, in areas closed to elves, or on special missions back to Ylaruam or to Ylari outposts around the continent, chasing down leads or abetting Abdul’s plots and counterplots.


Combat Notes: C8; AC 7/0; hp 30; MV 12′; #AT 1; D 2-7 (scimitar +1, +2 vs spell users); Save C8; ML 10; AL L; S 12, I 13, W 16, D 13, Co 13, Ch 11.

Abilities & Skills: Bargaining (Ch + 1), Knowledge of the Teachings of Al-Kalim (I), Persuasion (Ch), Riding (D), Storytelling (Ch)

Languages: Ylari, Alignment (Lawful), Thyatian.

Spells Usually Carried: Abdullah usually carries the clerical spells that do him and his small flock the most good.

Notes: Abdullah is faithful to the teachings of Al-Kalim and ministers to his sadly diminished flock of family and workers as best he can. He has recently received an offering of a potion of giant strength, which he hoards towards his eventual return to Ylaruam.

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