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NPC – Yolander of Luln

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Yolander of Luln

Yolanda of Luln (Female Traladaran, Bard 10)
Title – Entertainer
Source – GAZ1 p54

DnD karameikos Entertainers - Yolanda of Luln and Luthier Sforza
DnD karameikos Entertainers – Yolanda of Luln and Luthier Sforza

AC 978 – Born in Luln, Karameikos
AC 1000 – Age 22 (NW)
AC 1005 – Age 27 (Brd8)
AC 1010 – Age 32 (Brd10)


History: Yolanda’s parents were residents of the Black Eagle Barony. When Yolanda was born, 22 years ago, they decided they could not raise their child in this horrible place; not long after, they attempted to escape. Yolanda’s father perished in the attempt, but she and her mother survived, Yolanda grew up in the bleak village of Luln, where her mother worked as seamstress and dyer of cloths. The stories told by her mother and the fearfulness of the people of Luln inspired Yolanda with a fierce hatred of the Black Eagle, but she was no fighter like Luln’s Mistress Sascia. She was, however, gifted with a beautiful singing voice and a natural affinity for dance. She trained long and arduously in both these arts, and eventually (four years ago) moved to Specularum to have a greater audience for her performances. Today, she is one of Specularum’s favorite entertainers: She has sung for the Royal Family, appears regularly at the classier inns and taverns (including the Black-Heart Lily), and has performed with Emilio the Great in two of his plays. Occasionally, when the mood strikes, she will go with some of her musician friends to a marketplace and dance for the crowds. Of the money she receives, some naturally goes to keep her in room, board, and costume. Some goes to her mother in Luln. The rest becomes bribes for ministerial employees and other contacts to keep up the pressure on the government about the Black Eagle Barony.


Personality: Yolanda, obviously, is a Woman With a Cause – she wants to help bring about the downfall of the Black Eagle Barony. That’s not all there is to her, though. She is dedicated to her arts, and it’s said that no one puts more heart and soul into a song of love or heartbreak or tragedy than Yolanda. In person, away from her trade, she is quiet and a little nervous; she doesn’t really know how to deal with people when she’s not entertaining them.


Appearance: Yolanda is of medium height and slender, with waist-length straight black hair and large eyes of light brown. She wears costly and colorful Traladaran dresses and much jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and anklets), all of it of small worth.


GM Section

DMing Notes: The characters are likely to see Yolanda during any visit to Specularum; she could be entertaining at their pub or in the marketplace. But if they decide to operate against the Black Eagle Barony, you can contrive to have her find out about it (if the characters stay in Luln for any length of time, she’ll definitely find out about it), whereupon they’ll have a patron who will help keep them supplied and fit during their operations. Alternatively, you could have Yolanda convince the characters to accomplish the “Escape from the Black Eagle” adventure; the rescuee could be the family of her aunt, her mother’s sister.


BEMCI Combat Notes: Normal Woman; AC 6 (dexterity bonus); hp 6; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (hairpin); D 1-3; Save Fl-1; ML 7; AL N; S 91 16 W 10 D 18 Co 10 Ch 17. Languages: Traladaran, Alignment (Neutral), Thyatian, Elvish (Callarii). General Skills: Singing +1 (Ch + 1), Dancing (D), Persuasion +1 (Ch + 1)

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