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0e-gaz-01 Karameikos
0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Patriarch Sergyev

Sergyev (Male Traladaran Cleric 11)
Title: Patriarch of Cult of Halav
Source – GAZ1 p51

DnD Karameikos Religious Leaders - Traladara and Karameikos
DnD Karameikos Religious Leaders – Front Traladara (Aleksyev Nikelnevich) and Karameikos (Oliver Jowett), Back – Karameikos (tba), Karameikos (Alfric Oderbry), Halav (Sergyev), Karameikos (Magdel)

AC 995 – Formed the Cult of Halav
AC 1000 – Age: ?? (C9) – Patriarch Cult of Halav
AC 1005 – (Clr10)
AC 1010 – (Clr11)


History: Sergyev was once a devout member of the Church of Traladara, likely to become right-hand man to Patriarch Aleksyev. But Sergyev had a visitation one night: A vision of Halav appearing before him to say that he, Halav, was now reincarnated in the form of Duke Stefan Karameikos III. Sergyev brought this matter to the attention of Aleksyev, who suggested that it was either a bad dream or a hallucination inspired by a malicious user of magic. Insulted (and more than a little cracked by now), Sergyev abandoned the Church, taking with him his own little band of followers, and set up his own church – which is now, five years later, called the Cult of Halav.


Personality: Regardless of whether Sergyev’s claim is correct or not, the man is insane. He mutters to himself when no one is about, he is convinced that he is constantly being watched by spies from the other churches and so constantly looks over his shoulders and under furniture. He is dedicated to the proposition that Stefan Karameikos is King Halav come again into the world, and so worships the Duke and his offspring.


Appearance: Sergyev is short and dark, with a flowing mustache and beard and balding head. He dresses in dark, subdued robes, goes barefoot, and carries a staff.


Church of Traladara
Leader/PatriarchAleksyev Nikelnevich (Specularum, M55, Clr13)

Splinter Cult of Halav
Leader/PatriarchSergyev (Specularum, M?, Clr11)

GM Section

DMing Notes: Sergyev and his followers, because they’re so lunatic, make a fun encounter for characters. Sergyev might pop out at the characters from an alley, challenging their religious beliefs, or he and his followers might swarm around a party of characters, trying to convert them to their philosophy. This should happen, of course, at an inconvenient time, such as a romantic interlude or when the characters are pursuing someone.


BECMI Combat Notes: 9th-level cleric; AC 9; hp 34; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (staff); D 1-6; Save C9;ML5; ALC; S 9 I 10 W 13 D 12 Co 9 Ch 16. Languages: Traladaran, Alignment (Chaotic). General Skills: Knowledge of Church of Traladara (I), Knowledge of Cult of Halav (I), Knowledge of Traladaran Legends + 1 (I + 1), Persuasion (Ch), Knowledge of Specularum (I).

Spells Normally Carried: First Level – Light, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear. Second Level – Bless, Find Traps, Know Alignment. Third Level – Continual Light, Cure Disease, Locate Object. Fourth Level – Animate Dead, Cure Serious Wounds.

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