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0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Anton Radu

Anton Radu (Male Traladaran Rogue 14)
Title: Head of the Merchants Guild
Clan – Radu
Source – GAZ1 p53

  • DnD Karameikos Radu Heraldry

AC 927 – Born in Traladara Lands before Stefan Karameikos.
AC 1000 – Age 63 (T12)
AC 1005 – Age 68 (Rog13)
AC 1010 – Age 73 (Rog14)


History: Anton Radu is a criminal mastermind born to his profession. For several generations, the Traladaran Radu family has secretly run the Veiled Society, the most powerful criminal organization in Specularum. Anton, heir to the title of family head, was born 63 years ago and raised to be the strong-willed, merciless leader of both Radu clan and Veiled Society that he is today. By careful use of the Veiled Society, he has gained enough political and monetary power to have himself elected head of the Merchants’ Guild of Karameikos.


Personality: Anton Radu is the classic intelligent criminal mastermind who never participates personally in his crimes; they cannot be traced back to him. His minions intimidate and oppress; rarely do they have to kill. Radu is loyal to his family, but if individual family members endanger the rest of the family they tend to be cut off from his protection – cut off or cut down.


Appearance: Radu is tall, rather skinny, with handsome, confident features, gray hair, and brown eyes. He dresses in typical high-class Traladaran clothing.


Loggers Guild of Karameikos
SpokesmanEdoard of Threshold (Specularum, M45)

Magician’s Guild of Specularum
Leader/Headmaster Teldon (M622, W16),
TeachersProfessor Halia Antonic (F36, Wiz9),

Merchants Guild of Karameikos
HeadAnton (Specularum, M73, Rog14),

Traladaran Clans – RaduAnton (Specularum, M73, Rog14),

GM Section

Secret Head of the Veiled Society

DMing Notes: Adventures involving the Veiled Society are mentioned in the Adventures section. Note: Numerous members of the Radu family aid Anton in his efforts, including his brother Cartha, his sons Zweis and Antonito, and their sons Theodosius, Emil, and Pieter. Several of them can be found in published adventure B6, The Veiled Society.


BECMI Combat Notes: 12th-level thief; AC 4 (leather armor, dexterity bonus, ring of protection + i); hp 35; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (sword); D 1-8 (+ 1); Save T12; ML 10; ALN; S 14 116 W 11 D 17 Co 14 Ch 15. Languages: Traladaran, Alignment (Neutral), Thyatian, Elvish (Callarii). General Skills: Knowledge of the Veiled Society (I), Knowledge of Specularum Society (I), Knowledge of Specularum (I), Riding (D), Persuasion (Ch), Knowledge of Torture and Interrogation Techniques (I), Knowledge of Finance (I), Profession of Merchant + 1(1 + 1).

Elite Veiled Society Thug
BECMI Combat Notes: 3rd-level Fighter; AC 7; hp 14; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1; D 1-8 ( + 2); Save F3; ML 12; AL C; S 16 I 10 W 10 D 10 Co 10 Ch 10.

Typical Veiled Society Thug
BECMI Combat Notes: lst-level fighter; AC 9; hp 4; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (dagger); D 1-4; Save Fl; ML 9; AL C; S 10110 W 10 D 10 Co 10 Ch 10.

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