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Shadowrun Human Mage Arcanist


This is a conceptual post about my journey building a Shadowrun campaign using the Genesys rule systems and how I am planning on introducing it to my players.

This section I am building example characters that may or may not be used in the games ongoing.

Character Concept

This is a intellectual human with the mage career and the arcanist specialisation.

Step 1 – Background

The idea is that they were an ex-corporate drone who lost access to

Step 2 – Race
The Intellectual Human

Version 2.0

  • XP 110 (spent 10 with 100 remaining)
  • Attributes Options – Exchange – Brawn for Intellect (-10 xp)
  • Body Disadvantage (+10 xp) Wound Threshold -2
  • Mind Advantage (+10 xp) Strain Threshold +2
  • Brilliant (0 xp) once per session can spend a story point to allow their next check to use Intellect for the ranks in the skill.
  • Knowledge (0 xp) Choose a knowledge skill – Gain Rank 1 (choose one only)

Version 1.0

  • Attributes – 2 in everything except 1 in Agility and 3 in Intellect, Wounds (8+Br), Strain (12+Will), XP (100)
  • Starting Skills – one rank in Knowledge.
  • Brilliant – once per session can spend a story point to allow their next check to use Intellect for the ranks in the skill.
  • Awakened (-10 xp) You begin with a Magic Rating of 1.
  • Removing Mind Advantage
Step 3 – Career & Specialisation
Career – Mage (Magic Tradition)
  • Magic Rating +1 (if they have a magic rating, it increases by 1, otherwise it is 1)
  • Career Skills – Alchemy, Arcana, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge – Forbidden, Knowledge – Lore, Knowledge – Society, Perception
  • Optional Starting Gear
    • A magic staff or wand and heavy clothing
    • a personal comlink and a slap-patch
    • 1d100 credits
Specialisation – Arcanist (Caster)

Built by the GM.

  • Genesys Specialisation – Arcanist
    • Note – Cannot be taken if Bioroid or have a Resonance Rating.
    • Career Skills – Arcana, Knowledge – Forbidden, Knowledge – Lore, Runes
    • Starting Character gains one rank in two career skills of their choice.
    • If they do not have a Magic Rating it becomes 1
    • These skills become additional Career skills.
    • Level 1 Talents – Component Casting (epg95), Knack for It (gen73), Quick Strike (gen74), Sustain (gm)
    • Level 2 Talents – Brilliant Casting (epg95), Lucky Strike (gen76), Side Step (gen77), Signature Spell (ter89)
    • Level 3 Talents – Battle Casting (ter90), Explosive Casting (epg97), Innate Focus (epg97), Natural (gen79)
    • Level 4 Talents – Masterful Casting (epg97), Polymorph (epg97), Signature Spell – Improved (ter91), Teleportation (epg97)
    • Level 5 Talents – Defensive (gen80), Grit (gen73), Master Arcana or Runes (gen81), Teleportation – Improved (epg98)
Step 4 – Spend Experience
  • Total to spend – 100
  • Increase Intellect Rating from 3 to 4 (40 – 60 remaining)
  • Increase Intellect Rating from 4 to 5 (50 – 10 remaining)
  • Gain spell Attack (5 – 5 remaining)
  • Gain spell Barrier (5 – 0 remaining)
Step 5 – Derived Features
Step 6 – Determine Motivation
Step 7 – Gear, Appearance and Personality
Step 8 – Duty, Morality and Obligation

Campaign Rewards

Completed Example

Intelligent Human Mage Arcanist

Brawn 1 – Agility 2 – Intellect 5 – Cunning 2 – Willpower 2 – Presence 2

  • Soak 2, Wounds 10 (8+Br), Strain 12 (10+Will), Defence 0
  • General – Discipline 1 (Will), Perception 1 (Cun)
  • Knowledge – Lore 2 (Int), Shadowrunners 1 (Int)
  • Magic – Arcana 2 (Int)
  • Abilities
    • Magic Rating 3
    • Brilliant – once per session can spend a story point to allow their next check to use Intellect for the ranks in the skill.
    • SpellsAttack (basic only), Barrier (basic only), Utility (basic only)
  • Gear (Encumbrance capacity 7)
    • Wand and heavy clothing
    • a personal comlink and a slap-patch
    • 1d100 credits

Content Updates

  • 2022-07-09 – Updated to reflect changes in race, careers and specialisations.
  • 2022-06-01 – Created this page.
Genesys RPG

Building my own Shadowrun in Genesys:

Part 1 – Why choose Genesys
Part 2 – Setting, Races and Careers
Part 3 – Changes to History
Part 4 – Character Creation
Part 5 – Magic System
Part 6 – Hacker System
Part 7 – Player Races
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Part 9 – Specialisations
Part 10 – Combat System
Part 11 – Social System
Part 12 – Vehicle System
Part 13 – Equipment System

References: Equipment, Vehicles

ExamplesBolt, Cuscus, Desrin Deadshot, Floggar, George, Rakash, Shadowstar, So-Cal Burns, Womp, Human Mage Arcanist

Shadowrun RPG

Game Management: Choosing a new Campaign, Creating a SR Campaign Skype, Tracking Experience

Locations: Seattle 2069, ShadowSea

Storyline: Seattle Elections 2069

Corporations: Ares, Aztechnology, Evo, Horizon, MCT, NeoNet, Renraku, Saeder-Krupp, Wuxing

References: Corporations, Personalities, Rewards, Timeline, Vehicles

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Campaign 2

Gen 3 – 2050

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Gen 1 Runner: Year Three – Ghost Cartels, Year Four – Artefacts, Year Five – Horizon

Gen 2 Street: The Setup, Year Five – Horizon, Year Six – Dragons, Year Seven – Jet Set

Gen 2 Runner: Year Eight – Sprawl Wilds, Year Nine – Stolen Souls

Gen 3 Runner: The Setup, Year Nine – Stolen Souls, Year Ten – Lockdown

Gen3 Terrinoth:

Gen3 Prime: Year Ten – Lockdown, Year Elven – The End.

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