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NPC – Zorgrev Yarol

0e-gaz-01 Karameikos
0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Lord Zorgrev Yarol

Zorgrev Yarol (Male Traladaran Fighter 11)
Title: Lord of Karameikos – Minister of State

DnD Karameikos Ministers
DnD Karameikos Ministers – War (Lucius Hyraksos), Trade (Bartran Cordelius), State (Zogrev Yarol), Finance (Valdo Tisza)

AC 950 – Born Born in Traldara before the arrival of Duke Stefan.
AC 970 – Age 20 – Became secretary to the Duke’s new (Thyatian) minister of trade, Bartran Cordelius.
AC 975 – Age 25 – Married into the Torenscu family.
AC 995 – Age 45 – he was made a Court Lord and appointed Minister of State.
AC 1000 – Age 50 (F9)
AC 1005 – Age 55 (Ftr10)
AC 1010 – Age 60 (Ftr11)


Yarol was 20 when Duke Stefan arrived in Traladara with the decree concerning the country’s new status. It soon became evident that the young nobles Duke Stefan were inviting from Thyatis would overrun Traladara, stripping its natives of their lands and treasures. A far-sighted youth, Zogrev offered himself as secretary to the Duke’s new (Thyatian) minister of trade, Bartran Cordelius. Though Traladarans called him traitor and worse, he rose through the ranks of Duke Stefan’s ministries, improving the lot of Traladarans in whatever manner he could, exposing Thyatian crimes where he found them. Five years ago, he was made a Court Lord and appointed Minister of State. It is his duty to assess all information available on affairs within and without Karameikos, evaluate their possible repercussions to the Grand Duchy, and draft reports on these events and possible solutions for the Duke to read. This puts him in a position of great power, for he has the Duke’s ear at all times.


Zogrev is a hard-edged, crusty man who is tired after 30 years of fighting for his people. He has a keen sense of justice and honor. Though he still carries much anger resulting from the Thyatian “invasion” of 30 years ago, he considers the Duke to be his friend and works in the best interest of both Karameikos and his Traladaran people. His wife of 25 years is of the Torenescu clan, so he is a friend of that family and has (at best) only distantly cordial dealings with members of the Radu and Vorloi clans. He is a champion of the rights of the common man – especially the Traladaran common man.


Yarol is of average height and very thin. Though he is only 50, his hair and beard are almost entirely white (there are a few brown flecks remaining); his eyes are brown. Though he receives quite a nice salary from his ministerial post, he always dresses in rough robes and tunics of Traladaran make – a constant reminder to the Duke of Yard’s origins and of the problems the Traladarans continue to face.


Court Lords of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) Lady Adrianna Karameikos (F30, Ftr6), Lady Aleena Halaran (F32, Pal14), Lord Bartran Cordelius (M65), Lord Justin Karameikos (M28, Ftr4), Lord Oliver Jowett (M85, Clr20), Lord Valdo Tisza (M50), Lord Valen Karameikos (M24, Rog3), Lord Zorgrev Yarol (M60, Ftr11),

Thyatis (AC 1010) Lord Cornel Osteric (M55, Ftr9),

Lieutenants of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)


Priests of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Aleena Halaran (Threshold, Church of Karameikos, F32, Pal14),

Squires of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)

Traladaran Clans – YarolZorgrev (M60, Ftr11),

Karameikos Ministers

GM Section

DMing Notes: It’s widely-known that Yarol is the man to see if a Traladaran has an honest grievance against an official; if the characters have this problem, they’ll know to seek Yarol out. Should the characters become mixed up in an adventure of interest to Yarol (such as one involving foreign governments, objects of great power, etc.), he will interview them. Should they impress him with their manner and attitude, he may wish to hire them or persuade them to undertake important missions for the Ministry – such as delivering delicate messages overseas.


BECMI Combat Notes: 9th-Level Fighter; AC 9; hp 46; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (knife); D 1-4; Save F9; ML 9; AL L; S 10115 W 13 D 11 Co 12 Ch 10. Languages: Traladaran, Alignment (Lawful), Thyatian. General Skills: Knowledge of Intelligence-Gathering Techniques +1 (I +9), Profession of Evaluation of Current Events (I), Knowledge of Thyatian Society +1 (I +1), Knowledge of Traladaran History and Legend (I).

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