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NPC – Valdo Tisza

0e-gaz-01 Karameikos
0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Lord Valdo Tisza

Vadlo Tisza (Male Traladaran)
Title: Lord of Karameikos, Minister of Finance
Source – GAZ1 p45

DnD Karameikos Ministers
DnD Karameikos Ministers – War (Lucius Hyraksos), Trade (Bartran Cordelius), State (Zogrev Yarol), Finance (Valdo Tisza)

AC 960 – Born in Traladara Lands before Stefan Karameikos arrived.
AC 976 – Age 16 – Became assistant to Minister Zorgrev Yarol, and served as his right hand man.
AC 997 – Age 37 – Became minister of Finance, Karameikos. When the old Minister of Finance retired, Yarol recommended Valdo for the post on the strength of the man’s ministry experience, talent, and lack of ties to the powerful Traladaran merchant families which might cause a conflict of interest. Duke Stefan made the appointment, and now there are two Traladaran ministers in his cabinet.
AC 1000 – Age 40 (NM)
AC 1005 – Age 45
AC 1010 – Age 50


Valdo is a Traladaran commoner who for years was Minister Yarol’s right-hand man. Three years ago, when the old Minister of Finance retired, Yarol recommended Valdo for the post on the strength of the man’s ministry experience, talent, and lack of ties to the powerful Traladaran merchant families which might cause a conflict of interest. Duke Stefan made the appointment, and now there are two Traladaran ministers in his cabinet


Tisza shares Minister Yarol’s desires to strengthen the voice of Traladarans in Karameikan government. Unlike Yarol, though, he is prone to plot against the Duke. He does this by passing sensitive information about the government’s current activities to Traladaran families who can use the information to increase Traladaran power and influence. His his intent is good, but this is treason and will someday blow up in his face.


Tisza is about 40, built like a fighter (5′ 11″ and 180 lbs.), with black hair, mustache, and beard, brown eyes, and aristocratic features. He wears expensive robes of state.


Court Lords of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) Lady Adrianna Karameikos (F30, Ftr6), Lady Aleena Halaran (F32, Pal14), Lord Bartran Cordelius (M65), Lord Justin Karameikos (M28, Ftr4), Lord Oliver Jowett (M85, Clr20), Lord Valdo Tisza (M50), Lord Valen Karameikos (M24, Rog3), Lord Zorgrev Yarol (M60, Ftr11),

Thyatis (AC 1010) Lord Cornel Osteric (M55, Ftr9),

Lieutenants of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)


Priests of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Aleena Halaran (Threshold, Church of Karameikos, F32, Pal14),

Squires of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)

Traladaran Clans – TiszaValdo (M50),

Karameikos Ministers

GM Section

DMing Notes: Tisza keeps records of taxation and manages the Duchy treasury. If the characters are hired by someone in government for an official duty, it is Tisza who will pay them. He could provide for a complex and interesting adventure if Minister Yarol hires the player-characters to find out who is leaking important secrets to Specularum families.


BECMI Combat Notes: Normal Man; AC 9; hp 6; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (dagger); D 1-4 (+1); SaveFl-1; ML 8; ALN; S 12 I 17 W 10 D 11 Co 9 Ch 14. Languages: Traladaran, Alignment (Neutral), Thyatian, Elvish (Callarii Dialect). General Skills: Knowledge of Mathematics (I), Knowledge of Karameikos Land Values (I), Knowledge of Karameikos Society (I), Knowledge of Traladaran Legends (I), Profession of Money-Handler (I), Riding (D)

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