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NPC – Retameron Antonic

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0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Sir Retameron Antonic of Verge

Retameron Antonic (Thyatian Fighter 9)
Title: Landed Knight of Verge


AC 969 – Born in Thyatian Empire
AC 987 – Age 18 – Began adventuring career.
AC 1000 – Age 31 (F9)
AC 1005 – Age 36 (Ftr10)
AC 1010 – Age 41 (Ftr11)


Retameron’s father is a Thyatian adventurer who followed Duke Stefan to Karameikos; his mother is a Traladaran woman who defied her family and married one of the “invaders.” Retameron began his own adventuring career at age 18, travelling from Specularum to Threshold. Eventually knighted by the Duke for his deeds, he was awarded the village of Verge and built his stronghold there. He now divides his time between personal adventures, missions for the Duke, and his home life.


Retameron likes the good life – good mead and wines, cheerful company, excellent food, etc. – but is always willing to forego the easy life in order to bring grief to evildoers. He enjoys teaching fighting and honorable codes of behavior to young fighters. He takes offense at slurs aimed at either Thyatians or Traladarans.


Retameron stands 5′ tall and weighs 190 pounds. His hair is brown, worn short, with mustache and beard; his eyes are dark brown. He is 31. In order to be stylish, and to distract enemies, Retameron has adopted a very flashy dressing style; he usually wears bright gold garments with rich trimmings in a variety of colors. His accoutrements (such as belts, boots, swordbelts, etc.) are always functional, though.


Landed Knights of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Retameron Antonic (Verge, M41, Ftr11)

Thyatian Clan – AntonicHalia (Wife of Retameron, F36, Wiz9), Retameron (Head M41, Ftr11),

GM Section

DMing Notes: See Lady Halia.


BECMI Combat Notes: 9th-level fighter; AC 0 (dexterity bonus, plate mail and shield); hp 53; MV 90′ (30′); #AT 1 (sword); D 1-8 ( +5, from sword +2 and strength bonus); Save F9; ML 11; ALL; S 18 I 13 W 1 1 D 16 Co 13 Ch 12. Languages: Thyatian, Alignment (Lawful), Traladaran. General Skills: Riding ( I), Tracking (I), Teaching +2 (W + 2), Knowledge of Karameikos (I), Codes of Law and Justice (W).

Magic Items In Possession: Girdle of Giant Strength.

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