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NPC – Sherlane Halaran

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0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Patriarch Shelane Halaran

Sherlane Halaran (Male Thyatian Cleric 16)
Title: Baron of Threshold, and Patriarch of Threshold for the Church of Karameikos

  • DnD Karameikos Threshold - Baron Sherlane Halaran and Lady Aleena Halaran
  • DnD Religion Church of Karameikos Heraldry

AC 938 – Born in Thyatian Empire
AC 970 – Age 32 – Joined Stefan Karameikos in forming Karameikos.
AC 1000 – Age 62 (C14)
AC 1005 – Age 67 (Clr15)
AC 1010 – Age 72 (Clr16)


Sherlane Halaran was a Patriarch of the church in Thyatis before following Duke Stefan to Karameikos. Halaran was saddled with double duties in Karameikos; he was granted the title of Baron of the Threshold area, and the newly-founded Church of Karameikos named him as Patriarch to the area. But he has executed both his secular and religious duties fairly and well, and is highly-regarded by the people of Threshold.


Halaran’s character is made up of both grandfatherly affection and stern discipline. Behave in a good-natured manner, stay within the laws, and he’s the cheery, soft spoken man liked so well by the people of Threshold. Act in an unbecoming manner – by attacking or insulting someone, breaking the law, or just behaving childishly – and he becomes grim and ominous, eyes flashing anger as he pronounces sentence on the offender.


Halaran is in his early 60s, an aging warrior-cleric who’s still capable of hoisting a mace in the name of righteousness. His hair is snow-white; he goes clean-shaven. His eyes are blue. His most dominant facial characteristic is the prominent, jutting nose which earned him nicknames in his long-gone youth. He wears unpretentious clerical robes and does not wear a baronial coronet.


Barons of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Baron Desmond Kelvin II (M40, Pal12), Baron Ludwig von Hendriks (M59, Ftr14), Baron Phillip Vorloi (M70, Ftr5), Baron Sherlane Halaran (M72, Clr16),

Knights of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) –

Admirals of Mystara (Counts as a Knight)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Admiral Lucius Hyraksos (M69, Ftr14)

General of Mystara (Counts as a Knight)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Lord Alexius Korrigan (M48, Ftr8), Master Oliver Jowett (Order of the Griffon, M85, Clr20),

Patriarchs of Mystara (Counts as a Knight)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Aleksyev Nikelnevich (Specualrum, Church of Traladra, M55, Clr13), Oliver Jowett (Specularum, Church of Karameikos, M85, Clr20), Sherlane Halaran (Threshold, Church of Karameikos, M72, Clr16),

Thyatian Clans – HalaranAleena (Niece of Sherlane, F32, Pal14), Sherlane (M72, Clr16),

Church of Karameikos (AC 1010)
Leader/PatriarchOliver Jowett (Specularum, M85, Clr20)
PatriarchSherlane Halaran (Threshold, M72, Clr16),
Bishops Alfric Oderbry (Specularum, M50, Clr16), Desmond Kelvin (Kelvin, M40, Pal12)
PriestAleena Halaran (Threshold, F32, Pal14), Magdel (Specularum, F25, Clr6),

GM Section

DMing Notes: Patriarch Sherlane is the law in Threshold, and well-known to people there; if a character is from Threshold, Sherlane is likely to know him by name and know his family.


BECMI Combat Notes: 14th-level Cleric; AC 9; hp 34; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (mace); D 1-6; Save Cl4; ML 10; AL L; S 9 I l4 W l8 D l0 Co 8 Ch 14. Languages: Thyatian, Alignment (Lawful), Traladaran. General Skills: Riding (D), Knowledge of Church of Karameikos +1 (1 + 1), Knowledge of Church of Thyatis (I), Knowledge of Threshold Residents +2 (I + 2), Knowledge of Specularum Society (I).

Spells Normally Carried: First Level – Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil. Second Level – Bless, Bless, Hold Person, Know Alignment, Silence 15′ Radius. Third Level – Continual Light, Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Remove Curse, Striking. Fourth Level – Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, Dispel Magic. Fifth Level – Commune, Raise Dead, Raise Dead. Sixth Level – Animate Objects, Word of Recall.

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