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NPC – Desmond Kelvin II

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0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Baron Desmond Kelvin II

Desmond Kelvin II (Kerendan Paladin 12)
Title: Baron of Kelvin, Captain of Klevin for the Order of the Griffon and Bishop of Kelvin for the Church of Karameikos.

  • DnD Religion Church of Karameikos Heraldry
  • DnD Karameikos Order of the Griffon Heraldry

AC 970 – Born in Empire of Thyatis
AC 983 – Age 13 – Joined Church of Karameikos and Order of the Griffon
AC 1000 – Age 30 (C10)
AC 1005 – Age 35 (Pal11)
AC 1010 – Age 40 (Pal12)


Desmond is the eldest son of the first Desmond Kelvin, the friend of Duke Stefan who build the city of Kelvin and helped tame this part of the wilderness. Desmond grew up in a strict military upbringing. He entered the Church of Karameikos at age 13 in order to join the Church’s fighting force, the Order of the Griffon, and is now a respected member of that Order.


Desmond is a dark, brooding man. He seems to be the very model of military efficiency, eyes missing nothing, speaking in clipped and curt tones, showing no emotion but anger at incompetence. He’s a very ambitious man, though, and is paying court to Lady Adriana Karameikos in the hope that he will someday wed her and become heir to the ducal title. He’s a difficult man to work with, an even more difficult man to work for, but he’s fair and is not rash.


Kelvin is tall and lean. He has sharp, handsome features, piercing blue eyes, dark brown hair and trim mustache. His glowering expressions and overall air of foreboding tend to put people off – people such as Lady Adriana, for instance.


Barons of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Baron Desmond Kelvin II (M40, Pal12), Baron Ludwig von Hendriks (M59, Ftr14), Baron Phillip Vorloi (M70, Ftr5), Baron Sherlane Halaran (M72, Clr16),

Landed Lords of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Lady Halia Antonic (Verge, F36, Wiz9), Lady Magda Marilenev (Marilenev, F60),

Bishops of Mystara (Counts as Landed Lord)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Alfric Oderbry (Specularum, Church of Karameikos, M50, Clr16), Desmond Kelvin II (Kelvin, Church of Karameikos, M40, Pal12),

Captains of Mystara (Counts as Landed Lord)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Aleena Halaran (Threshold, Order of the Griffon, F32, Pal14), Desmond Kelvin II (Kelvin, Order of the Griffon, M40, Pal12),

Kerendan Clans – KelvinDesmond (M40, Pal12),

Church of Karameikos (AC 1010)
Leader/PatriarchOliver Jowett (Specularum, M85, Clr20)
PatriarchSherlane Halaran (Threshold, M72, Clr16),
Bishops Alfric Oderbry (Specularum, M50, Clr16), Desmond Kelvin (Kelvin, M40, Pal12)
PriestAleena Halaran (Threshold, F32, Pal14), Magdel (Specularum, F25, Clr6),

Order of the Griffon
Leader/MasterOliver Jowett (Specularum, M85, Clr20)
Captains Aleena Halaran (Threshold, F32, Pal14), Desmond Kelvin (Kelvin, M40, Pal12)

GM Section

DMing Notes: Kelvin is loyal to the Duke but also out for himself. He will carry out any royal order given him with military precision, but will also find some way to turn the situation to his advantage. He desperately wants to impress the Duke sufficiently that the Duke himself will press Adriana to wed him. Characters are most likely to interact with Kelvin when their in higher Expert and Companion adventures, when they’ll be dealing with him on an equal basis. He could be a friend and ally to some, enemy to others, depending on the circumstances of their meeting and how they feel about his political aspirations.


BECMI Combat Notes: 10th-level cleric; AC 1 (plate, shield, dexterity bonus); hp 53; MV 90′ (30′); #AT 1 (mace +1); D 1-6 (+ 3); Save C10; ML 10; AL L; S 16 I 13 W 17 D 14 Co 16 Ch 14. Languages: Thyatian, Alignment (Lawful), Traladaran. General Skills: Knowledge of Military Tactics (I), Knowledge of Church of Karameikos (I), Riding +1 (D +1), Tracking (I), Knowledge of Specularum Society (I), Knowledge of Kelvin Family History (I).

Spells Normally Carried: First Level – Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Protection from Evil. Second Level – Bless, Hold Person, Hold Person, Know Alignment. Third Level – Cure Disease, Remove Curse, Striking. Fourth Level – Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds. Fifth Level – Raise Dead.

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