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DnD NPC Karameikos Adrianna

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

NPC – Stefan Karameikos III

0e-gaz-01 Karameikos
0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Lady Adrianna Karameikos

Adriana Karameikos (Female Kerendan Fighter 6)
Title: Lady of Karameikos

  • DnD Karameikos Family AC 1000- Stefan, Olivia, Adriana, Justin and Valen
  • DnD Karameikos Heraldry

AC 980 – Born in Specularum Karameikos to Stefan and Olivia Karameikos
AC 996 – Age 16 – Went through the Shearing Ceremony.
AC 999 – Age 19 – Returned to Specularum.
AC 1000 – Age: 20 (F4)
AC 1005 – Age: 25 (Ftr5)
AC 1010 – Age 30 (Ftr6)


Born in 980, Lady Adriana was raised by her mother to be another Duchess Olivia. However, her temperament was more like her father’s and she constantly rebelled against her precise schooling in rulership and ladylike attributes. Four years ago (996), when her brother Justin was Sheared, Adriana insisted that she, too, be Sheared. Over the strong objections of the Duchess (who wanted her to stay home and become engaged to the young Baron Kelven), Duke Stefan reluctantly permitted this. Under an assumed identity, she spent three years in the rough life of a town guardsman in the city of Kerendas, in Thyatis. A year ago, when her hitch was up, she returned to Specularum to an approving father and distinctly sullen mother.


Lady Adriana was rebellious in her youth, often fighting with her mother or running away from her lessons to go riding and hunting. Now that she’s lived on her own for a time, her rebelliousness has turned to a more quiet and mature independence. She still prefers the outdoors life and likes her father’s approach to politics: Find the right person for the job and have him do it. She has refused to let Duchess Olivia find her a suitable husband and doesn’t care for Olivia’s chief contender, Desmond Kelven II. Though Stefan and Olivia have not officially named any of their children as heir to the Grand Duchy, it’s widely held that Adriana is Stefan’s choice.


Adriana is of average height (4’5″) and weighs 120 lbs. Her hair is a coppery red, her eyes brown, her complexion fair and speckled with a great number of freckles. Like her father, she dresses to suit the occasion and looks equally at ease in a ballroom gown and in forester’s gear.


Court Lords of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) Lady Adrianna Karameikos (F30, Ftr6), Lady Aleena Halaran (F32, Pal14), Lord Bartran Cordelius (M65), Lord Justin Karameikos (M28, Ftr4), Lord Oliver Jowett (M85, Clr20), Lord Valdo Tisza (M50), Lord Valen Karameikos (M24, Rog3), Lord Zorgrev Yarol (M60, Ftr11),

Thyatis (AC 1010) Lord Cornel Osteric (M55, Ftr9),

Lieutenants of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)


Priests of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Aleena Halaran (Threshold, Church of Karameikos, F32, Pal14),

Squires of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)

Kerendan Clans – KarameikosDuke Stefan III (Leader, M62, Ftr17), Duchess Olivia (Wife of Stefan, F51, Rog11), Lady Adrianna (Daughter of Stefan and Olivia, F30, Ftr6), Lord Justin (Son of Stefan and Olivia, F28, Ftr4), Lord Vaven (Son of Stefan and Olivia, M24, Rog3)

GM Section

DMing Notes: The efforts of various nobles to secure Adriana as wife can provide numerous adventures for the characters – especially if she is kidnapped by one, or leaves home incognito to avoid one and hires the characters as bodyguards, etc.


BECMI Combat Notes: 4th-Level Fighter; AC 5 (leather, shield, Dexterity bonus); hp 22; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (broadsword); D 1-8 ( + 1, from strength bonus); SaveF4; ML 10; ALL; S 13 I 11 W 14 D 16 Co 11 Ch 13. Languages: Thyatian, Alignment (Lawful), Traladaran. General Skills: Tracking (I), Riding (D), Knowledge of Karameikos Society (I), and Knowledge of City Guard Tactics (I).

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Class Builds
Artificer – Bombardier (Tinkerkin),
Barbarian – Totem Warrior (Plamin, Camdu),
Bard – College of Valour (Sunfey),
Druid – Circle of Dreams (Woodfey), Circle of the Tree of Life (Seasonfey),
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