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0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Duchess Olivia Karameikos

Olivia Karameikos (Female Hattian Rogue 11)
Title: Duchess of Karameikos

  • DnD Karameikos Family AC 1000- Stefan, Olivia, Adriana, Justin and Valen
  • DnD Karameikos Heraldry

AC 959 – Born as Lady Olivia Prothemian, first daughter of a wealthy Thyatian family and a distant cousin of the Emperor of Thyatis.
AC 970 – Age 11 – Engaged to Stefan Karameikos as a routine arrangement for an alliance between the Karameikos and Prothemian families. Immediately afterwards the Duke traded his lands to the Emperor and sailed off to the Grand Duchy.
AC 973 – Age 14 – The Prothemian family disproved of Stefan’s actions and allowed Olivia the option of breaking the engagement, she chose to let it stand and wait to see whether the Duke was a man capable of forging a nation or a lunatic boy with big dreams.
AC 979 – Age 18 – Married Stefan Karameikos as she became satisfied that Stefan was a worthy mate.
AC 980 – Age 19 – Child Adriana born
AC 982 – Age 21 – Child Justin born
AC 986 – Age 25 – Child Valen born
AC 1000 – Age: 41 (T9) Duchess of Karameikos and Wife of Stefan Karameikos.
AC 1005 – Age 46 (Rog10)
AC 1010 – Age 51 (Rog11)


Olivia Prothemian was born in 959, first daughter of a wealthy Thyatian family and a distant cousin of the Emperor of Thyatis. She was routinely engaged to Duke Stefan when she was 11 (arranged as an alliance between the Karameikos and Prothemian families), but immediately afterward the Duke traded his lands to the Emperor and sailed off to the Grand Duchy. The Prothemian family disapproved of Stefan’s actions and, in 973, allowed Olivia the option of breaking the engagement. She chose to let it stand and wait to see whether the Duke were a man capable of forging a nation or a lunatic boy with big dreams. By 979, Olivia was satisfied that Stefan was a worthy mate and married him.


The court in Specularum regards Duchess Olivia as “the perfect gracious hostess,” and that is the personality she wears for outsiders: Perfect manners, unshakeable composure. In reality, she is a natural-born ruler and has never wanted to do anything but govern. Though it may not seem so to her court, she wields power equal to that of her husband. By acting as the center of Specularum social life – arranging balls and dinners, entertaining foreign dignitaries and Karameikan nobles, listening to, analyzing and filing away every scrap of rumor she hears – she stays at the center of a vast intelligence network. When she hears of some event that needs to be acted upon, she passes word to her husband or to a pertinent court official … or she resolves the situation herself by apply subtle pressures through her information network. Though her marriage was one of convenience, she has affection and respect for her husband and has reared their children to be able and independent people.


Appearance: Duchess Olivia is a slender, graceful woman of 41. She is 4’4″ and 105 lbs., with dark brown hair and icy blue eyes. With her patrician beauty and artificially gracious manner, she often seems to be a cold statue come more or less to life.


Dukes of Mystara

KarameikosStefan Karameikos III (M62, Ftr17), Olivia Karameikos (F51 Rog11)

Kerendan Clans – KarameikosDuke Stefan III (Leader, M62, Ftr17), Duchess Olivia (Wife of Stefan, F51, Rog11), Lady Adrianna (Daughter of Stefan and Olivia, F30, Ftr6), Lord Justin (Son of Stefan and Olivia, F28, Ftr4), Lord Vaven (Son of Stefan and Olivia, M24, Rog3)

Hattian Clans – PromethianDuchess Olivia Karameikos (Wife of Stefan Karameikos, F51, Rog11)

GM Section

DMing Notes: The characters may never interact with the Duchess on any level other than a social one. But as their adventures grow in number and their names become more famous, she will become aware of them. In convenient circumstances, she may have her subordinates hire the characters to perform secret missions for her: Spying on dignitaries or landowners, pressuring rebellious subjects to obey their rulers, etc.


BECMI Combat Notes: 9th-Level Thief; AC 7 (dexterity bonus); hp 40; MV 120′ (40′); #AT 1 (hairpin or concealed court dagger); D 1-4; Save T9; ML 9; AL N; S 7116 W 13 D 16 Co 9 Ch 14. Her long years of gathering information have given her experience as a Thief, but she has no special abilities with Remove Traps or Climb Sheer Surfaces, two skills she has never used. Languages: Thyatian, Traladaran, Alignment (Neutral) and Elvish (Callarii). General Skills: Knowledge of Information Gathering Techniques (I), Persuasion (Ch), Codes of Law and Justice (W), Knowledge of Karameikan Society (I), Knowledge of Current Events (I), Acting (Ch), and Profession: Hostess +1(1+1).

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