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SW SDF-CR Consular-class Light Assault Cruiser

Star Wars – SDF-CR

Starship Data File – Cruisers

Consular-class Light Assault Cruiser

sw-ffg-ar-cr Core AoR
sw-ffg-ar-cr Core Age of Rebellion

In service since before the Clone Wars, CEC’s Consular-class light cruiser is yet another outdated, outgunned ship pressed back into combat duty by the cash-strapped Rebel Alliance. Related to Corellian Engineering’s CR70 and CR90 corvettes, the Consular-class served the Old Republic as an unarmed VIP transport, carrying diplomats and other government officials throughout the galaxy on official business. In the deep crimson livery of the Republic Diplomatic Corps, these ships cut a dashing figure with their bluff-bowed, wasp-waisted profile. Lightly crewed. they carried their VIPs in style in a detachable, modular “salon pod” slung beneath the ship’s command deck. Large enough for a handful of people, and extremely well-appointed with all of the privacy and communications technology required by a diplomatic mission, the Consulars were among the most recognizable vessels in space before the fall of the Old Republic.

Few of these once proud ships survived the rise of the Empire. Many were destroyed, and those that weren’t were mothballed or broken apart and recycled. However, a few have been brought back into service by the Alliance, armed with a motley array of laser cannons and turbolasers and used as light assault carriers and command ships. While they are often outclassed by Imperial ships. Consuku-class cruisers still perform well, and they are well liked by their Rebel crews and those who must travel in them

Modular Passenger Pods – The modular bow pods are one of the most unique of the Consular’s many features. Easily switched out with the proper port facilities, they allow the old ships to fill a number of roles. Below are some of the most common, but there are countless variations.
– Salon Pod: Salon pods are luxurious facilities designed to carry up to ten individuals in comfort and style. They offer high-end furnishings and a powerful comms suite that allows the pod’s inhabitants to make secure transmissions to and from their base of operations. In addition, they are heavily shielded against electronic listening devices and posses a number of systems designed to preserve privacy.
– Command Pod: Command pods are Spartan affairs crammed with powerful sensors and computer systems designed to grant a commander up-to-the-minute information on his current situation. A fleet commander operating from within a command pod gains Boost (Blue) Dice to any checks made to command his ships or troops.
– Boarding Pod: Boarding pods are heavily reinforced pods designed to deliver a squad of troops to an enemy ship. Incredibly strong and equipped with powerful sublight thrusters, boarding pods are built to smash through a ship’s armor and hull using shaped explosive charges and plasma cutters, whereupon the troops carried within may take the enemy ship.

Fantasy Flight Rules – Consular-class Light Assault Cruiser
  • Source: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook (sw-ffg-ar-cr277)
  • Consular-class Cruiser Price 3,400,000 cr (R), Rarity: 5
    • Silhouette – 5, Speed – 3, Handling – -2
    • Def Fore – 2, Port – 1, Starboard – 1, Aft – 1
    • Armour – 5, HT Threshold – 46, SS Threshold – 24
    • Vehicle Type – Light Cruiser, Model – Consular
    • ManufacturerCorellian Engineering Corporation
    • Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 14
    • Navicomputer: Yes
    • Sensor Range – Long
    • Crew – One ships Captain, one pilot, one co-pilot, one navigator, one comms operator, four engineers
    • Encumbrance Capacity – Up to 3,200 depending on configuration
    • Passenger Capacity – Up to 16 depending on configuration
    • Consumables: Eight months
    • Customisation Hard Points – 4
    • Weapons
      • Forward Turret Mounted Twin Heavy Ion Cannons
        • Fire Arc Forward, Port and Starboard, Damage 7, Critical 4, Range Medium, Ion, Linked 1, Slow Firing 1
      • One Port Dorsal and One Port Ventral Twin Light Turbolaser
        • Fire Arc Port, Damage 9, Critical 3, Range Medium, Breach 2, Linked 1, Slow Firing 1
      • One Starboard Dorsal and One Starboard Ventral Twin Light Turbolaser
        • Fire Arc Starboard, Damage 9, Critical 3, Range Medium, Breach 2, Linked 1, Slow Firing 1

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