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Star Wars in 2022

What is the existing campaign

The current storyline revolves around a single clan of Mandalorian’s known as the Star Wing Clan who ten years previously were forced to leave Mandalore loosing much of their prestige and ruling class.

Season One of the storyline introduced the players to the rules of the game, as well as set the scene on a lot of the characters they would be interacting with over the course of the storyline. Including a hint that Admiral Thrawn (before he became a grand admiral) would be making an appearance in the storyline.

Season Two has taken the characters from being mere bounty hunters to becoming the beacons of hope for Law and Order of the Sector. Representing the Sector Rangers a group of law enforcement that protect a Sector of space spanning multiple linked systems and the hyperlane routes connecting it all.

The storyline is kept mostly PG, where possible with the D&D group being more epic fantasy and the pathfinder group being adult fantasy horror giving a broad range of story concepts permitted in each group as part of the narrative. Keeping this PG means sexualisation and exploitation should exist off screen and the violence is described with little to no blood being the focus. Some language is acceptable, but mostly due to pain or accident than intent.

What is the Tuesday Group

  • Thayana – A mandalorian skip tracer who has become a Elroodian Ranger and symbol of Imperial Law and Order.
  • Kyanna – A mandalorian martial artist who has become a Elroodian Sector Ranger and the regions core symbol of Imperial Law and Order.
  • Piper – A mandalorian operator who is downtrodden and marked for death by the clan.
  • B1-337 – A B1 Battle droid with multi-personality syndrome due to a combination of droid brains in the one body.
  • Karlid – A mandalorian assassin who has become a Elroodian Ranger and symbol of Imperial Law and Order.
  • Cadkia – A mandalorian survivalist who has become a Elroodian Ranger and symbol of Imperial Law and Order.
  • Vanna – A mandalorian gadgeteer stripped of their title, clan and rank, currently taken by Thrawn and removed from the storyline. This is partly due to player planning on various ways to kill the character, and can’t come back unless the players have a reason not to. Player vs Player is not part of the storyline.

What does 2022 hold for the storyline

  • Captain Diesel Clan Star Wing – The story of family over adversary and how things might look bleak but even the darkest night has a bright star shining in the dark.
  • Kep Fortuna, the Governor of Refuge – Leader of the shadiest city of the sector and the most important source of information available to the rangers, if they can get him on their side.
  • Montcurl the Governor – Leader of Elrood, and agent for the senate, he is reporting to the Imperial Moff and senate representative for the Elrood sector.
  • Grea the Bounty Hunter – The story of how one bounty hunter of the region rises to become a legend unsurpassed in their skill and dedication. She is already outstanding and practical, but what makes her exceptional is her storyline.
  • Fabio the Street Cop – Officer of Elroodan City on Elrood, he is a keeper of the law with a investigations side business, and a sky racer with a need for speed. One of the flashiest characters of the storyline
  • Warren the Wookiee – Just what is the connection to the Wookiee’s of the sector, the gifts for Piper and the lynch mob.
  • Captain Zothip the Pirate King – it’s good to be the king, this sector wide menace is only coming to light in the new year of gameplay.
  • Hernandez the Sullustan – Is still in Elrood, and why he is there might be more important than what he is worth.
  • Pelleo Thog the Big Game Hunter – Crikey, the most hands on expert in the animals of the galaxy is about to make a splash and take up some storylines.
  • Shondra Del of the Grey Griffons – A contact and friend of Karlid arrives in the sector with her scouting force that signs up with Randell Mining.
  • Admiral Thrawn – Continues testing of variations on the standard model for the Tie Fighter in the remote region known as the Elrood Sector.
  • Other NPCs – There is a list of NPCs of importance on the NPC page that will be fleshed out further as the campaign progresses, so this should not have any spoilers on it, but it will give you more resources to call upon in the game play.

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