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D&D in 2022

What is the existing campaign

The campaign is Wrath of the Immortals storyline from the Mystara setting rebuilt for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and updated with some House Rules and soon to take on the Level Up rules for Advanced D&D play.

Phase One was an introduction to the region and the different nations.

Phase Two brought in Rheddrian’s Investigation Service and the characters investigating the unrest, skirmishes and wars breaking out in the region and who is behind them.

Phase Three introduces the party to the region at war.

What is the Tuesday Group

Set in the year AC 1007 (level 8) they are trying to tackle the story behind the Tree of Life and why it is starting to fall over. There is an underlying triggering event relating to more time travel in the future and the past.

Who are the current characters and what storylines are in play:

  • Formally Known as Pareodir – Atruaghin Ranger/Cleric finding a new identity as his Shamanic name is revealed, and Atruaghin calls upon his service. Charged with watching over Drazzle, not as a protector, but for a people weary of who and what Dragonborn are.
  • Llewell – Elven Warlock and diplomat in training for Darokin and now the Clan protector for the first elven royal clan believed to have died out many thousands of years ago. Learning to be a Drazzle interpreter.
  • Lani – Makai Fighter and member of the Ierendi navy, exploring the world with her friend Drazzle.
  • Tidal – Ierendi Monk and friend of the Atruaghin, exploring the world with his friend Drazzle in search of his missing family.
  • Duke AnCover – A Gnome explosive expert who likes to drop glitter bombs and friend of Drazzle.
  • Neyre – A servant and expert of the lore around the Tree of Life, and would be useful to tell people what they are missing.
  • Drazzle – A Dragonborn of Time, with five distinct personalities and appearances, each with their own beliefs.

What is the Wednesday Group

Set in the year AC 1008 (level 9) experiencing the blood war of Glantri and about to experience a spiritual quest. They have angered Baba Lysaga and have one of three artefact seeds they promised to collect.

Who are the current characters and what storylines are in play:

  • Dmitri – Traladaran Wizard/Rogue connected to Karameikos and a seeker of knowledge.
  • Bradshaw – Dwarf Fighter connected to Rockhome and the Five Shires as a bridge between the Halfling and the Dwarves which will either bring them closer or wipe them out.
  • Trellen – A former halfling now Elven in search of a family and clan to attach to.
  • Plamin – A Ethengarian Barbarian due for a spirit quest that may take out the party. His horse regem is one of the celestial spirit guides of his people, just not the special annual guide.
  • Lil Miss – A Makai Sorcerer who has ties to the pirate community as well as links to the sky gnomes.
  • Captain Crimson – A Halfling Pirate captain with a seat on the council of pirates and a property on Ierendi Island.
  • Sir Klovis – A Karendan Griffon Knight of Karameikos, arm of the Church of Karameikos and diplomatic messenger of the nation.

What is the Friday Group

Set in the year AC 1006 (level 7) they will be dealing with the Aftermath of a spirit quest and what they means going forward. The Boldavian Principality of Glantri plays a large part of the story as does the events in the Northern Reaches.

Who are the current characters and what storylines are in play:

  • Camdu – Ethengar Barbarian Princess – Conducted a spirit quest with four answers that will influence her storyline.
  • Xhall – Ethengarian Cleric/Wizard – Spiritual guardian of the clans, with connections to Glantri, Rockhome and Karameikos. Has advanced a few of her items and abilities. Has no Shadow.
  • Shoval – Ethengar Paladin – Guardian of the princess, and soldier of Tubac (Ixion) with some unfulfilled mentor obligations.
  • Yodrey – Halfling Swashbuckler – With connections to the Gnomes, Ierendi and the Five Shires, has a quest to find the lost people of his goblin, but not a goblin child in his charge.
  • Thala – Elven Druid – With connections to Alfheim and the tree of life, questing to bring more stories and knowledge back to the tree.
  • Calcrix – White Dragon – On a quest to uncover details about Zargon.
  • Shofa – Elven Druid – On a quest to uncover details about Zargon.

What Does 2022 hold for the Storyline

  • Game Year AC 1006 (Level 7) – The start of Rheddrian’s Knight Rivett Inn expansion. Repercussions of encounter to Aegos and discovery of great artefacts. One group here has to experience the rest of the year.
  • Game Year AC 1007 (Level 8) – The Missing Gods, The Tree of Life in peril, Broken Lands united, The Hollow World story, investigating the giants. One group has the missing gods storyline, while another has a time travel adventure up its sleeve.
  • Game Year AC 1008 (Level 9) – Invasion, War in Glantri, War at sea. Three groups have to experience what to expect in the next phase of the game as the build up continues
  • Game Year AC 1009 (Level 10) – War on the horizon and the build up comes to a head and war is declared closing off the second Phase of the storyline. None of the groups have reached this section yet.
  • Game Year AC 1010 (Level 11) – Phase Three Region at War, this takes on a new angle for the storyline as war spreads to the Known World. This may not have all the groups move into this phase, it depends on if the players need a break from the storyline and wish to try something different.

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