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Pathfinder in 2022

What is the existing campaigns

Currently I have two Pathfinder campaigns running the Pathfinder 2 rules. They are based around my Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path (TRAP) concept of combining all the material presented in Pathfinder 1 for Varisia into a single storyline.

These are also adult themed games, not suitable for children and deal in Fantasy Horror centred around the seven deadly sins. Each of the two groups is a new team of Pathfinders trained up in the Centre of the settings learning of Absalom.

Each character level is one half of a game year of events that the players can have their characters participate in, evolve and change through their storytelling.

What is the Wednesday Group

The Wednesday group is centred around Korvosa and Magnimar dealing with the lands to the south of Magnimar and events in that region. They will not be limited to this but this is the premise for the group.

Two characters have dropped from the group to become NPC’s to haunt the storyline for the future.

  • Cangacerio – Disciple of Wrath, and Druid of the Wilds shall become rumours and fade into the background with plans on their return to the story being at a later time. One of the Runecursed of Varisia.
  • Pimwinkle – Lord of Korvosa and Magnimar and High Priest of the Temple of Lust presence shall be felt in the events of the coming year.

They have become the Hero’s of Sandpoint, Magnimar and Korvosa, even though their charter as pathfinder’s is to keep a low profile.

Who are the current characters and what storylines are in play:

  • Belath – The Cheliax Sorcerer has a storyline centred around his family and his choices with the Hellknights and devils.
  • Kordar – The Fighter of Sandpoint has a storyline centred around Koya, events of Sandpoint and a older hero he follows, and a pact he has made.
  • Nexa – The Human-Half-Orc Barbarian has a storyline intertwined with the family of Pimwinkle and his city.
  • Sparky – Dwarf Rogue of Janderhoff has a storyline on the dwarven pride and loss.
  • Luna – Shoanti Shaman has a storyline steeped in the history of her people, and the artefact she has possession of.
  • Barak – Dwarf Druid of Riddleport has a storyline of loss and nature.

What is the Friday Group

The Friday group is centred around Riddleport and Magnimar dealing with lands to the north of Magnimar and events in that region. Again they will not be limited to this, but it is the premise for the group.

Two characters have dropped from the group to become NPC’s to haunt the storyline for the future.

  • Margo – Last in a line of Hobgoblins, brought back from the dead for a purpose yet to be understood. Missing since the Battle of Sandpoint.
  • Zed Sharp – A former pathfinder who just wants to burn society down and start again in his own image. One of the Runecursed of Varisia.

Who are the current characters and what storylines are in play:

  • Willy – Human Monk has a storyline lined in with the Hellknights of Sandpoint, warrior monks of Riddleport and his distain of the pathfinders.
  • Duzhar – Half-Orc Ranger has a storyline linked with the Demons and Devils, great deeds, a lich and leadership of the group.
  • Parry – Dwarf Half-Elven Wizard has a storyline linked to Riddleport, the god of Greed and paternity cases.
  • Quest – Goblin Bard has a storyline linked to Riddleport and Roderic’s Cove, as well as the Goblin migration and lost family.
  • Krol – Gnome Half-Elven Cleric has a storyline linked to the Bleached Gnome, starting a war, and releasing a demon.

What Does 2022 hold for the Storyline

For the next year of the game in 2022 I have the following plot lines to be explored.

  • The Hellknights – Each of the Factions building a stronghold on the coast, and expanding into the surrounding lands. Exploring the differences in the orders and how each of the groups have managed to create ties to their future in the region.
  • The Runelords – More details emerging about who these slumbing gods are (and make no mistake about previous published material, they are gods)
  • The Pathfinders – Character connections to the various orders of Pathfinders will start to make an impact on story and their choices. While they have a larger plan, there are smaller side stories for each character in the next year of play.
  • The Vandercasterkin’s – The first family of Pathfinders of Varisia will make more of an impact in the coming year as more details of their long involvement disgrace and potential salvation.
  • The Order of the Palatine’s Eye – Shall make its presence felt, on the edges of what is being conducted.
  • The Pathfinder Faction – As I have been tracking the factions influence gained by the parties, they will have a chance to spend some of their faction points on options in the game.
  • Level 4 – The characters should reach level 4 during the course of the game year for each of the groups.

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