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Religions – The Runelord of Lust

This is the information for the Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path regarding what is known about the Runelords of Thassilonia. For players in my campaigns, this will be different from what you find on the web or in other resources of the setting.

This page represents as much information as the two groups have learnt about the Runelords of Thassilonia.

Sorshen – Runelord of Lust

Lady of Eurythnia

A voluptuous, nude woman wielding a two-headed guisarme (Sorshen, Runelord of Lust).

Patron of enchantment Magic
  • Special Materials:
  • Special Servants:
    • Rune Guardian of Lust
  • Special Spells
    • Unconscious Agenda (Level 6)
  • Holy Sites:
  • Holy Texts:
  • Aeon Stones
    • (pf2-lopsg-122)
  • Artefacts of Pride
    • Impaler of Thorns
    • Rune of the Mistress
    • Runeforged Weapons (Domineering, Jealous)
    • Sadist’s Lash
    • Scintillating Garment
    • Shard of Lust
    • Sign of Lust
Rune of Lust
Rune of Lust

Enchantment opposed by Necromancy and Transmutation.

Subtlety and control typified the magic of Sorshen, runelord of lust. Within her numerous palaces scattered throughout the lush paradise of Eurythnia, blind guards protected troves of some of the most diverse arcane treasures in all of Thassilon.

Eurythnia – The magical hoards of Eurythnia spoke less to the industry of the domain and more to the craft of its ruler, for these potent arcane riches were coaxed from the hands of every other domain in Thassilon. Sorshen excelled at discovering and exploiting the lusts of her opponents, and what she couldn’t gain as a gift utilizing seduction and political acumen, she took using her unique mastery of enchantment.


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