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Corellia is the beneficiary and founder of two major hyperspace lanes that intersect the system, the Corellian Run and Corellia Trade Spine. It is an unusual planetary system, consisting of five inhabited worlds, two of which orbit the ancient and mysterious Centrepoint Station. Three species call Corellia home: Humans, Selonians and Drall. Corellia is famous for its shipyards and the free spirited attitude of its human citizens.

Corellia was located in the Corellian sector in the Core Worlds. It had a temperate climate and was covered in forests, jungles, and urban centers. One major city was Coronet City (also the planet’s capital), which was home to shipyards used to build TIE fighters and Star Destroyers for the Galactic Empire.

The planet’s human inhabitants were called Corellians[15] and were known for their wanderlust. Besides humans, Corellia was also inhabited by several alien species including Barbadelans, Besalisks, Czerialans, Grindalids, Kel Dor, Pa’lowicks, Rodians, Sullustans, Twi’leks, and Ugor. In addition, Corellia was also home to several native fauna including Corellian hounds and fleek eels.

Earning your Bloodstripes

The most prestigious of Corellia’s national prizes are “bloodstripes,” yellow or red piping stitched down the trouser legs. Corellia’s government and military award them for heroic displays of bravery, done with the knowledge that such action requires great sacrifice. For a people who prefer to shoot first and ask questions later, moments of deliberation are valued highly.

FFG PDF – Corellia

  • Astronavigation Data: Corellian System, Corellian Sector, Core Worlds region (M11)
  • Orbital Metrics: 329 days per year/25 standard hours per day
  • Government: republic
  • Population: 3 billion (Humans 60%, Drall 20%, Selonians 20%)
  • Languages: Basic
  • Terrain: Forests, hills, plains
  • Major Cities: Coronet (capital), Kor Vella, Tyrena
  • Areas of Interest: Treasure Ship Row, Corona House, The Cold Beaches, Selonian tunnels
  • Major Exports: starships, alcohol, consumables
  • Major Imports: weaponry, raw materials, luxury goods
  • Trade Routes: Corellian Trade Spine, Corellian Run
  • Special Conditions: None
Star Wars RPG
Star Wars RPG


When it comes to starships, buyers can rely on three rules: if you want quality, trust the starshipwrights of Fondor; if you want to impress, buy Kuati; if you need speed, go Corellian. Thrust, acceleration, and hyperspace velocity are the major design concerns of any Corellian shipbuilder, from the mom-and-pop outfits who customize light freighters, to the galactic renowned Corellian Engineering Corporation.

Speed is not just a feature of Corellian engines, it’s also in every Corellian’s genes. They are people who are always on the move; whether it be jetting off to a remote star system without warning or letting their wee ones take joyrides on swoops, Corellians are renowned throughout the galaxy as having “rocket fuel for blood.” However, theirs is a restlessness without malice; a Corellian’s heart is his true engine, passion his accelerant. This propensity to act before thinking has jump-started the career of billions of Corellian smugglers and scouts, and has also made many Corellians such as Solo and Antilles household names.

Some popular sociologists claim that Corellian boldness stems from their origins as an orphan race of humans, since no archaeological trace of a pre-industrial, primitive culture has been found on the planet. That, plus the fact that Corellia’s system sports five habitable planets (Corellia, Drall, Selonia, Talus, and Tr’alus), and an ancient, massive space station called Centerpoint, lends an air of mystery and romance to Corellia.

With its history of starhoppers, spaceship engineers, and two-bit smugglers, one may expect that .the planet Corellia is itself a junkyard of burnt-out engines and non-recyclable conduit housing. This could not be further from the truth. Corellia is a lush world of forests and farmlands, ice-capped mountains and golden beaches. Its capital, Coronet, is a bustling, lively city, with all the amenities of any metropolis in the galaxy and the kinds of bars and brothels you can find on Nar Shaddaa. Corellians love to mix their spiced ale with a good fistfight, then go home to sleep it off in a comfortable bed, so as to be ready for another round the next day.

Corellia’s independence was at a nadir when the Republic fell. Palpatine had no patience for Corellian intransigence and swiftly turned the system’s ruler, the Diktat, into a puppet of an Imperial Moff. Unlike Fondor, however, the Empire has not been able to completely nationalize Corellia’s shipyards and engineering corps.

Trade Routes – Corellia

WEG PDF – Corellia

  • Type
  • Temperature
  • Atmosphere: Hydrosphere
  • Gravity
  • Terrain
  • Length of a Day
  • Length of a Year
  • Sapient Species
  • Starport
  • Population
  • Planet Function
  • Government
  • Tech Level
  • Major Exports
  • Major Imports
  • System –
  • Star name –
  • Orbital Bodies

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