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System Datafile – Bespin

Bespin was a gas giant in the star system of the same name. Forming a part of the Anoat sector, its riches manifested in the form of rare tibanna gas. Attracting mining interests and remaining unaffiliated in galactic affairs, Ugnaughts were employed to extract tibanna from repulsorlifted facilities whilst Bespin’s mostly human population resided in the open upper levels, exposed to a thin layer of breathable atmosphere in an area known as the “Life Zone.”

Bespin is a gas giant and home to the Tibanna gas mining colony of Cloud City. The city fell under Separatist control during the Clone Wars, but now operates independently. It has popular resorts and casinos.

Cloud City

Designed by an Alderaanian architect, Cloud City conceals its mining infrastructure with an airy elegance that matches the surrounding atmosphere. For many, there is no more romantic getaway than a week in the clouds. The top fifty levels of the city house resorts, spas, casinos, shopping centers, theaters, chapels – anything that pleases the heart and relaxes the mind. The city’s mid-section consists of the facilities for Bespin Motors, and also Port Town, where the locals work and live. At the bottom levels near the main repulsor shaft, a dedicated workforce of humans, Ugnaughts. and Lutrillians fly out in trawlers to scoop Tibanna from the atmosphere, then return to package the mined gas for export.

FFG PDF – Bespin

  • Astronavigation Data: Bespin system, Anoat sector, Outer Rim region (K18)
  • Orbital Metrics: 5,110 days per year/12 standard hours per day
  • Government: Guild
  • Population: 6 million (Humans 68%, Ugnaughts 8%, Lutrillians 6%, other 18%)
  • Languages: Basic
  • Terrain: Gas clouds
  • Major Cities: Cloud City (capital), Tibannopolis (sem-abandoned), Ugnaught Surface
  • Areas of Interest: Life Zone
  • Major Exports: Tourism, Tibanna gas, cloud cars
  • Major Imports: Consumables, industrial goods
  • Trade Routes: Ison Corridor
  • Special Conditions: Type 1 atmosphere (breathable) only in band of the Life Zone
Star Wars RPG
Star Wars RPG

Background: In a universe full of rarities, Bespin still manages to stand apart. With no livable surface area, gas giants are rarely worth colonizing, Bespin, however, contains a resource so valuable it makes any expense in colonization viable: Tibanna gas. Tibanna gas serves several purposes in galactic technology. One refined version is a potent hyperdrive coolant, while another version can be used with weaponry.

Blaster packs are filled with compressed gases which, when excited, emit a bolt of searing energy. Of the half-dozen gases available on the market, spin-sealed Tibanna gas is one of the most powerful (and expensive), as it quadruples energy output of a blaster pack. Safest when used in heavy weapons, spin-sealed Tibanna gas still finds its way into personal weaponry.

This fortune in Bespin’s clouds led to a host of repulsorlift cities inhabiting the “Life Zone,” a band of breathable atmosphere 50 kilometers deep. The zone is also home to immense, beldons which graze on clouds of phosphorescent algae, packs of velkers which prey on the beldons, and rawwk bats which scavenge on anything that remains.

Bespin’s capital, Cloud City, was constructed by the entrepreneur Ecclessis Figg, who planned to conceal his illegal mining operations of Tibanna for blaster weapons with a veneer of legitimate business. To this end he touted his city as a luxury resort and coolant mining operation. Years later, under control of Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian, the “cover” has become reality; tourism is one of Cloud City’s major industries. Under Calrissian’s rule, Cloud City has risen in prosperity to remain as Bespin’s undisputed capital.

Although Cloud City is Bespin’s largest city, there are communities making credits mining Tibanna gas. The largest, Tibannopolis has seen a reversal in mining fortunes in the last decades. Now, mostly abandoned, it drifts aimlessly. One of the other floating communities of note is the so-called “Ugnaught Surface,” a floating platform whose surface is landscaped to mimic the surface of the Ugnaughts’ homeworld of Gentes.

Trade Routes – Bespin

Bespin to Hoth

Planetary Data File – Bespin

  • Hyperlane Minor Ison Corridor
  • Coordinates 11.0 18.5 to 11.0 18.6
  • Map K18 (MR) to K18 (MR)
  • Distance 0.1
  • Time 4 hrs 48 min
  • Check Hard – Upgrades (3) Setback (2)

WEG PDF – Bespin

  • Type
  • Temperature
  • Atmosphere: Hydrosphere
  • Gravity
  • Terrain
  • Length of a Day
  • Length of a Year
  • Sapient Species
  • Starport
  • Population
  • Planet Function
  • Government
  • Tech Level
  • Major Exports
  • Major Imports
  • System –
  • Star name –
  • Orbital Bodies

Game Master Notes

Notes: Removed Corellian Trade Spine and Corellian Run as they don’t actually go to Bespin.

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