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Star Wars – CDF

Company Data File – Corellian Personal Defence

Also known as CDP.

Corellian Personal Defense was a manufacturing company that was based on Corellia. The corporation manufactured and marketed the “Big Shock” and shock glove armor add-ons.

Rarity 0Backpack (GearT, 50 cr, Generic), Brass Knuckles (WeaponBr, 25 cr, Generic), Comlink – Handheld (GearC, 25 cr, Genric), Filed Front Sight (ModW, 25 cr, Generic), Glowrod (GearT, 10 cr, Generic), Utility Belt (GearT, 25 cr, Generic)

Rarity 1Combat Knife (WeaponMe, 25 cr, Generic), Comlink – Long-range (GearC, 200 cr, Generic), Datapad (GearT, 75 cr, Genric), Extra Reload (GearT, 25 cr, Generic), Serrated Edge (ModW, 50 cr, Generic), Truncheon (WeaponMe, 15 cr, Generic)

Rarity 2Bola (WeaponTr, 20 cr, Generic), Gaffi Stick (WeaponMe, 100 cr, Generic), Net (WeaponTr, 20 cr, Generic), Shock Gloves (WeaponBr, 300 cr, X-21)

Rarity 3Weighted Head (ModW, 250 cr, Generic)

Rarity 5Balanced Hilt (ModW, 1,500 cr, Generic),

Rarity 6Superior Weapon Customisation (ModW, 5,000 cr, Generic)

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

CPD – Gear

Communications Comlink – Handheld (25 cr, Rarity 0, Genric), Comlink – Long-range (200 cr, Rarity 1, Generic)

ToolsBackpack (50 cr, Rarity 0, Genric), Datapad (75 cr, Rarity 1, Genric), Extra Reload (25 cr, Rarity 1, Generic), Glowrod (10 cr, Rarity 0, Generic), Utility Belt (25 cr, Rarity 0, Generic)

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

CPD – Modifications

Weapon ModificationsBalanced Hilt (1,500 cr, Rarity 5, Generic), Mono-Molecular Edge (1,000 cr, Rarity 5, Generic), Serrated Edge (50 cr, Rarity 1, Generic), Superior Weapon Customisation (5,000 cr, Rarity 6, Generic), Weighted Head (250 cr, Rarity 3, Generic)

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

CPD – Weapons

Brawl WeaponsBrass Knuckles (25 cr, Rarity 0, Generic), X-21 (Shock Gloves, 300 cr, Rarity 2)

Melee WeaponsCombat Knife (25 cr, Rarity 1, Generic), Gaffi Stick (100 cr, Rarity 2, Generic), Truncheon (15 cr, Rarity 1, Generic)

Thrown WeaponsBola (20 cr, Rarity 2, Generic), Net (20 cr, Rarity 2, Generic)

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

CPD – Links

SW Close Weapon CompaniesCorellian Personal Defence, Kamperdine
Generic Items available to all Close Weapon companies – Brass Knuckles, Superior Weapon Customisation, Weighted Head.

Content Updates

  • 2021-12-28 – Added details from Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook.
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