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DnD Magical Item Holy Book of Ylari

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Magical Item – Holy Book of Ylari

Mystara Content

Base Item – Holy Book of Ylari

Common Item Value
Price: (1d6+1) x10 gp (20 to 70 gp) – 50% for consumable items
Base Price: 50 gp or 25 gp for expendable
Expendable Items can be attuned on use, at the cost of a random attuned item and slot.
Cursed Items auto attune on use and replace a random attuned item and slot.

Magical Items
C – Common, U – Uncommon, R – Rare, VR – Very Rare, L – Legendary, A – Artefact, Cu – Cursed

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  • Magical Item – Common – Holy Book of Ylari – 20 gp
    • Standard: Grants a bonus on research downtime relating to the Ylari Pantheon +1 about events, locations, personalities for the set religion.
    • Attunement: You can recall knowledge from this book without having to reference it, gain the bonus during related religion checks.
    • Relic: Followers of the Radiance pantheon have advantage on religion checks relating to its contents.

Example Campaign Items – Holy Book of Ylari

Ylari – Nameh (F054)
  • Magical Item – Common – Ylari – Nameh – 20 gp
    • Title: Holy Book of Ylari – Nameh, The Eternal Truth.
    • Language: Written in Ylari.
    • Homeland: Ylaruam
    • Standard: Grants a bonus on research downtime relating to the Ylari Pantheon +1 about events, locations, personalities for the set religion.
    • Attunement: You can recall knowledge from this book without having to reference it, gain the bonus during related religion checks.
    • Relic: Followers of the Ylari pantheon have advantage on religion checks relating to its contents.
    • Notes: This compendium of Al-Kalim’s sayings contains military tactics, rules of wise government, parables, and, most importantly, his vision for the future: the Dream of the Desert Garden.​
    • Reverencing the Immortal Guardians: ​The Nahmeh lists two rituals that must be made in observance of a followers faith and trust in the Immortal Guardians.
      • First, all True Believers must devote themselves to prayer and meditation at sunrise and sunset. Violation of the sanctity of these observances is in very bad form in a city like Ylaruam; in the camp of a desert nomad it may be a capital offense.
      • Second, all True Believers must fast for 24 hours from sunset to sunset on the day of the full moon. At the end of the fast True Believers are required to feast, dedicating a part of their food to the Immortal Guardians, either as a symbolic gesture, or in the case of the more devout, by sharing the feast with the poor.
    • Reverencing One’s Fellow Man: The Nahmeh lists three rituals that must be made in observance of a followers faith and trust in his fellows.
      • First, whenever a True Believer meets with another True Believer, the Water Ritual should be observed which is symbolic or literal sharing of a drink of one another’s water. Observance of this ritual varies from a perfunctory offering of wetting fingers to polite and elaborate ceremonies where coffee or tea is shared in special ornamental cups to the accompaniment of recited and improvised verses.
      • The second is the ritual of Truth Telling. To speak an untruth to another True Believer is a grave sin. This ritual may be observed informally with the oath, “By Al-Kalim and the Eternal Truth, I swear…”, or more formally by swearing before a cleric, paladin, or other holy man. A man who breaks his word after such a vow is cursed by the Immortal Guardians, and scorned by his fellows.
      • The third ritual is Attendance to the Security of Your Fellow Man. This ritual takes many forms. In it least manifestation, it is the obligation to give alms to the poor and wretched. It also includes answering a chief’s summons to war against Unbelievers. (The True Believer is not supposed to attack another True Believer. This inconvenient injunction is often bypassed by declaiming a foe as a sinner or unrighteous man, by obtaining a magistrate or chief’s judgement against a foe, or by goading a foe into making the first attack, thereby justifying hostilities as self-defence. This is a popular and well-established topic in the religious and government courts of law.) And finally it is four years military service to the nation, assuming you are found worthy by passing the trails.
    • Reverencing Wisdom and Scholarship: ​The Nahmeh lists two rituals that must be made in observance of a follower’s faith and trust in scholarship and reason.
      • The first is the ritual of Judgement. When a True Believer is called upon to judge an issue, whether it be a matter of natural science, military practice, or ritual law, they follow three steps.
        • One, to contemplate and observe
        • Two, to weigh the evidence
        • Three, to base judgement on knowledge, not tradition or superstition
        • Giving judgement is a patient, methodical, and solem practice among True Believers. A chief whose judgements are wise is widely respected, and men who act and judge impulsively in arrogance or anger are thought childish and irresponsible.
      • The second ritual is the reading, reciting, and study of the Nahmeh. The fiercest desert warrior and the most wretched urban beggar is likely to be able to recite from the Nahmeh at length, and most peasant and nomad families have a copy of the sacred text as their most treasured possession.
    • Pilgrimage: Though not a requirement, pilgrimage is encouraged for all those in good health and of sufficient means. A pilgrimage is a symbolic reenactment of a portion of Al-Kalim’s pilgrimage to the Undersea Kingdom to solicit the sponsorship of an Immortal for himself and his people. Only the most powerful might contemplate retracing some portion of Al-Kalim’s actual route; more common is the practice of visiting Ylaruam (or some other large centre of learning) and listening to the lectures and didactic tales of the learned holy scholars in sanctuaries dedicated to the Eternal Truth. Besides being a sort of religious obligation, pilgrimage is usually a pleasant vacation, and big business for the hostelry and guides that cater to the pilgrimage trade.​
    • The Dream of Justice and Honor: This article of faith severely enjoins True Believers against taking up arms against one another, and condemns the traditional practices of feud and herd raiding popular among the desert nomads. Most desert nomads interpret these passages of the Nahmeh to discourage inter-tribal disunity in the face of foreign or Unbeliever aggressors, while judging camel raids and feuds as sacred rituals assuring the security of their fellow believers.​
    • The Dream of the Garden in the Desert: ​This article of faith exhorts the chiefs, scholars, and holy men to study how sufficient water may be brought to all people of the Emirates, exhorts the merchants and wealthy to generously support their project, and exhorts the peasants to cooperate with their chiefs in managing their water resources as efficiently as possible. The success of many water projects may be attributed to the universal acceptance of their dream as in the common interests of True Believers of all levels of society.
    • Owners:
      • ?? Shoval (Firechild Paladin) Hidden in his backpack for later discovery while travelling through Ylaruam.

Content Updates

  • 2021-07-17 – Updated to match the Original Item updates.
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