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Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Campaign Magical Item

Important NPCs:

  • Bay of Whales Clutch (Dragon City) Location of one of the hidden dragon cities of the world.
  • Drazzle (Dragonborn Cleric) World Chronicler and keeper of the lost items from fallen companions. Note he will not share items with groups not affilicated to where the item was obtained.
  • Phipps “Ten Knives” Weiss (Halfling Rogue) Masster Cheif, and brother to Bradshaw’s Halfling wife to be.
  • Rhreddrian (Human Artificer) Master merchant and sponsor for each of the Rhreddian’s Investigation Bureueu teams.
  • The Horned God (Minotaur Fighter) Champion of the Deer Clan, Atruaghin clans.

Tuesday Campaign Items

Items Currently in Tuesday Night

New Items start at T076

Drazzle (NPC)
  1. T001 – Diamond’s Handaxe (Drazzle)
  2. T002 – Diamond’s Greataxe (Drazzle)
  3. T003 – Diamond’s Flametounge Battleaxe (Drazzle)
  4. T004 – Diamond’s Frostbrand Battleaxe (Drazzle)
  5. T005 – Bay of Whales Breastplate (Drazzle)
  6. T007 – Golden Dragon Driftglobe (Drazzle)
  7. T010 – Assassin’s Slippers (Drazzle)
  8. T011 – Alphatian Topaz Ring (Drazzle)
  9. T012 – Rose Eyes of Charming (Drazzle)
  10. T018 – Red Cloak of Protection (Drazzle)
  11. T019 – Simple Boots of Elvenkind (Drazzle)
  12. T020 – Tloques Berserker Axe (Drazzle)
  13. T023 – Oil of Slipperiness (Drazzle (A))
  14. T026 – Oltec Jade Panther Ring (Drazzle)
  15. T032 – White Cloak of Protection (Drazzle)
  16. T033 – Chromatic Scale Ring (Drazzle)
  17. T034 – Chromatic Dragon Spear (Drazzle)
  18. T035 – Mantle of the Ignoble Wolf (Drazzle)
  19. T036 – Minrothad Plate (Drazzle)
  20. T038 – Ostland Greataxe (Drazzle)
  21. T042 – Brown Boots of Elvenkind (Drazzle)
  22. T043 – Green Cloak of Protection (Drazzle)
  23. Something special – Shield and Weapon of the Dragon
  24. A single piece of jewelry worth 18,000 gp.
Lani (Kesley)
  1. T064 – Ierendi Leather (Lani)
  2. T070 – Ierendi Military Trident (Lani)
  3. T071 – Ierendi Military Orb (Lani)
  4. Something special – Ring of Petty Vengeance and Sunblade
  5. A single piece of jewelry worth 18,000 gp.
Llewell (paul)
  1. T006 – Dragon Cloak of Billowing (Llewell)
  2. T015 – Mithril Chainscale (Llewell)
  3. T017 – Isar Boots of the Winterlands (Llewel) – Rune of Power
  4. T021 – Potion of Fire Breath (Pareodir (A), Llewell (B,C))
  5. T028 – Giants Bracelet of Rock Magic (Llewell)
  6. T029 – Ancient Oltec Dagger (Llewell)
  7. T037 – Rogues Bag of Holding (Llewell)
  8. T041 – Wand of Fear (Llewell)
  9. T044 – Beaurotology – Initiate (Llewell)
  10. T047 – Charm of Remove Curse (Preadir (A), Llewell (B), Tidal (C))
  11. T050 – Dragonology – Initiate (Llewell)
  12. T051 – Diplomatology – Initiate (Llewell)
  13. T052 – Elvenology – 1st Circle (Llewell)
  14. T053 – Amulet of Sundsvall (Llewell)
  15. T054 – Holy Book of Radiance – Glantri City Cathedral (Llewell)
  16. T055 – Investigations of a Dead Elf (Llwewll)
  17. T056 – Lost History of Nithia (Llewell)
  18. T058 – Rips in Space and Time (Llewell)
  19. T059 – Tome of the Primordials (Llewell)
  20. T060 – An Essay on Need (Llewell)
  21. T065 – Wagonology – Initiate (Llewell)
  22. T066 – Tome of the Destroyer (Llewell)
  23. tba – Crystal Ball with fixed viewing point, found notes and will write it up later. This version of the item is either Uncommon or Rare and requires the attuned person to remove own eye for remote viewing as long as the eye still exists. The item does not provide a method for reattaching eye once this has been done.
  24. Something special – Replacement Rod of the Pact Keeper +2 due to your other one being lost in the battle with the guardian Hydra and Brazier of Elemental Fire.
  25. A single piece of Jewelry worth 18,000 gp.

Artefacts (All carried by Llewell – attunement does not use a magical item attunement slot)

  • Mazikeen’s Staff (Mazikeen) (attuned)
  • Orb of the Radiance (not attuned, unidentified)
  • Shadow Elf Moonblade (attuned)

Items consumed (used, lost or sold during storyline)

Myrin (Cameron)
  1. T069 – Alfheim Protector Cloak (Myrin)
  2. T072 – Alfheim Guardian Bracers (Myrin)
  3. T073 – Feadil Arrow (Myrin)
  4. T074 – Myrin’s Flail (Myrin)
  5. T075 – Jaguar Head Mace (Myrin)
Nerye (Clarissa)
  1. T061 – Tabard of Protector of the Tree (Nerye)
  2. T062 – Mithral Champion Clanmail (Nerye)
  3. T063 – Champion Boots of Elvenkind (Nerye)
  4. T068 – Order of the Tree Cloak (Nerye)
  5. Something special Sword of Skill and Ioun Stone of Awareness
  6. A single piece of Jewelry worth 18,000 gp
  7. Myrin’s magical items
Preaodir (Jeremy)
  1. T014 – The Preservers Blade (Pareodir)
  2. T016 – Stone Scale of Good Luck (Pareodir)
  3. T021 – Potion of Fire Breath (Pareodir (A), Llewell (B,C))
  4. T022 – Verge Robe of Useful Items (Pareodir)
  5. T024 – Oltec Jade Ring of Resistance – Fire (Pareodir)
  6. T030 – Oltec Eagle Whistle (Pareodir)
  7. T031 – Hutaakian Necklace of Adaptation (Pareodir)
  8. T045 – Electrum Asp Armband (Preadir)
  9. T046 – Elven Leafmail (Preaodir)
  10. T047 – Charm of Remove Curse (Preadir (A), Llewell (B), Tidal (C))
  11. Something special – Ioun Stone of Sustenance and Staff of Healing
  12. A single piece of jewelry worth 18,000 gp.
Tidal Rift (Stefan)
  1. T008 – Dragon Robe of Mending (Tidal)
  2. T027 – Salmon Gloves of Missile Snaring (Tidal)
  3. T039 – Coral Ring of Jumping (Tidal)
  4. T040 – Protius Decanter (Tidal)
  5. T047 – Charm of Remove Curse (Preadir (A), Llewell (B), Tidal (C))
  6. T057 – Elementology – Initiate (Tidal)
  7. T067 – Seekers of the Mayflies (Tidal)
  8. Something special – Bowl of Elemental Water and Censer of Elemental Air.
  9. A single piece of Jewelry worth 18,000 gp.
Items no longer in Tuesday Night
The Horned God (NPC)
Bay of Whales Clutch
Consumed Items

Wednesday Campaign Items

New Items start at W066

Items Currently in Wednesday Night
Dmitri (Jeremy)
  1. W001 – Three Fire Volcano Dagger (Dmitri)
  2. W002 – Flaemish Dagger (Dmitri)
  3. W003 – Callarii Bag of Holding (Dmitri)
  4. W004 – Koriszegy Ring of Resistance – Fire (Dmitri)
  5. W005 – Petra’s Bone Ring (Dmitri)
  6. W007 – Tuma Bone Wand (Dmitri)
  7. W008 – Vind Necklace (Dmitri) – Rune of Power
  8. W009 – Stronghollow Night Goggle (Dmitri)
  9. W010 – Callarii Royal Boots (Dmitri)
  10. W011 – Stronghollow Clan Amulet (Dmitri)
  11. W012 – Traldara Bag of Holding (Dmitri)
  12. W027 – Graduates Hat (Dmitri)
  13. W028 – Arrow of the Horselords (Dmitri)
  14. W031 – Mannar Rune Stones (Dmitri) – Rune of Power
  15. W040 – Zelligar’s Staff (Dmitri)
  16. W042 – Bowl and Goblet of Halav (Dmitri)
  17. W043 – Halav – Book 1 (Dmitri)
  18. W044 – Halav – Book 2 (Dmitri)
  19. W045 – Halav – Book 3 (Dmitri)
  20. W047 – Potion of Invisibility (Dmitri (A))
  21. W061 – Elemaster Decanter (Dmitri)
Lil Miss (Grace)
  1. W029 – Elven Linkmail (Lil Miss)
  2. W033 – Longbow of the Dark (Lil Miss)
  3. W039 – Zelligar’s Key Ring (Lil Miss)
PLamin (David)
  1. W032 – Halberd of the Guard (Plamin)
  2. W051 – Glaive of Halav’s Return (Plamin)
Simply Red (Emrys)
  1. W030 – Shortsword of the Moon (Simply Red)
  2. W050 – Book of Cymorrak (Simply Red)
  3. tba – World Shield Plate (Simply Red)
Sir Klovis (Steven)
  1. W056 – Blood Lance (Klovis)
  2. W057 – Saddle of the Cavalier
  3. W058 – Order of the Griffon Bracers (Klovis)
  4. W059 – Order of the Griffon Boots (Klovis)
  5. W060 – World Shield Plate
Willy (Martin)
  1. W041 – Traladara Satunainen Wand (Willy)
  2. W049 – Blue Boots (Willy)
  3. W048 – Vial of Halav (Potion of Healing Superior) (Willy)
  4. W053 – World Shield Dagger
  5. W054 – Road Guardian Cloak (Willy)
  6. W055 – Nithian Talking Stick (Willy)
  7. tba – Dagger of Koresh
  • Language Amulet (Dmitri, Kiki, Lil Miss, Plamin, Riah, Simply Red, Willy)
Items no longer in game
Phipps “Ten Knives” Weiss (NPC)
Black Peak Orc (NPC)
Bradshaw (Mark)
  1. W014 – Mithril Clanmail (Bradshaw)
  2. W015 – Torkrest Shield (Bradshaw)
  3. W017 – Feadil Broom (Bradshaw)
  4. W018 – Torkrest Bag of Holding (Bradshaw)
  5. W020 – Highforge Throwing Hammer (Bradshaw)
  6. W022 – Potion of Giant Strength – Hill (1x Bradshaw)
  7. W052 – Potion of Healing – Greater (2x Bradshaw)
Drazzle (NPC)
  1. W016 – Guardian of the Tree Boots of Elvenkind (Drazzle)
  2. W019 – Ild Circlet (Drazzle) – Rune of Power
  3. W024 – Three Fire Volcano Goggles (Drazzle)
  4. W025 – Charm of Heroism (Chum)
  5. W026 – Bradshaw Seeking Dagger (Chum)
  6. W034 – Grey Cloak of Protection (Drazzle)
  7. W035 – Kelvin’s Night Goggles (Drazzle)
  8. W036 – Rod of the Dragon (Dr Dark)
  9. W037 – Hat of Disguise (Dr Dark) Created by Humans, Prophecy, Hidden Message, Repulsive (made from halfling skin)
Kiki (Mark)
Riah (Stefan)
  1. W038 – Zelligar’s Z Ring (Riah)
Consumed Items
  1. W023 – Golden Rod (Dmitri)
  2. W046 – Potion of Healing (Dmitri (A, B, C), Willy (D))
  3. W062 – Spell Scroll Level 1 (Comprehend Languages)
  4. W063 – Spell Scroll Level 2 (Web)
  5. W064 – Scroll of Charisma Draining
  6. W065 – Spell Scroll Level 3 (Fly, Gaseous Form, Phantom Steed)
Artefacts No Longer in game:
  • Blackrazor (Masauwu)
  • Warpick with Golden Head (Bradshaw) (session 33)
  • Whelm (Riah) – Kagyar

Friday Campaign Items

New Items start at F058

Items Currently in Friday Night
Calcryx (Ariadna)

Items consumed (used, lost or sold during storyline)

Camdu (Sue)
  1. F001 – Scale Armour of the Horselords (Camdu)
  2. F039 – Bloodspear of Kavan (Camdu)
Shofa (Stefan)
  1. F004 – d6 of Redtooth (M’drak)
  2. F007 – Horsebone Wand (Shofa)
  3. F011 – Medallion of Thoughts. Created by Undead, Quirk of Hungry. (M’drak)
  4. F014 – Dwarven Fortress Arrows (3x M’Drak)
  5. F016 – Ild Rune Stones (Shofa/Shoval) – Rune of Power
  6. F017 – Spell Scroll – Spare the Dying (x10 Shofa)
  7. F018 – Wand of the Songstress (Shofa)
  8. F020 – Wand of Pyrotechnics (Shofa)
  9. tba – Magical Longsword (clan longsword, dwarven runes)
  10. tba – Magical Hand Crossbow (+1)

Items consumed (used, lost or sold during storyline)

Shoval (Josh)
  1. F005 – Tubak’s Vestments of Mending (Shoval)
  2. F016 – Ild Rune Stones (Shofa/Shoval) – Rune of Power
  3. F028 – Fireology – 4th Circle – Secrets of the Firelords (Shoval)
  4. F035 – Mithril Clanscale (Shoval)
  5. F036 – Sword of the Chossum (Shoval)
  6. F054 – Holy Book of Ylari – Nameh (Shoval)
  7. TBA – Paladin Special Mount with Aspects of a Fire Elemental (Cost of -1 HP per character level of Soul Burn) Max HP reduced to 1 due to special mount being a paladin class feature.

Items consumed (used, lost or sold during storyline)

Xhall (Eme)
  1. F002 – Golden Arrow of Xhall (Xhall)
  2. F006 – Ancestral Driftglobe (Xhall)
  3. F008 – The Stone Dagger – Rezsur (Xhall)
  4. F009 – The Black Spellbook (Xhall)
  5. F021 – Birch Wand of Entangle (Xhall)
  6. F025 – Beastlore – Darokin (Xhall)
  7. F026 – Dragonlore BC 1,000 (Xhall)
  8. F029 – Book of Belak the Outcast (Xhall)
  9. F030 – Hucrele Spellbook (Xhall)
  10. F045 – Tankard of Sobriety (Xhall)
  11. F046 – Headband of Intellect (Xhall)
  12. F048 – Erendyl Arrow (Xhall)
  13. F049 – Longrunner Clan Arrow (Xhall)
  14. F050 – Chossum Clan Arrow (Xhall)
  15. F051 – Red Arrow Clan Arrow (Xhall)
  16. F052 – Feadil Clan Arrow (Xhall)
  17. F053 – Holy Symbol of Ravenloft (Xhall)
Yodreev (Ross)
  1. F015 – Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Yodrev)
  2. F022 – Wand of Pyrotechnics (Yodrev)
  3. F023 – Armour of Many Fashions (Yodrev)
  4. F027 – Bag of Summer Yearning (Yodrev)
  5. F040 – Moonlicked Rapier (Yodrev)
  6. F041 – Crossbow of Castallian (Yodrev)
  7. F042 – Eyes of Beadyness (Yodrev)
  8. F043 – Charalatans Gold Ring (Yodrev)
  9. TBA – Paladin Special Mount with Aspects of a Water Elemental (Cost of -1 HP per character level of Soul Burn)
Items no longer in Friday Night:
Drazzle (NPC)

Content Updates

  • 2021-10-11 – Adding in items in preparation for end of castle amber.
  • 2021-07-17 – Adding in more items as provided by players.
Magical Items

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