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Video SW MC 01

Star Wars – Game Video

Mandalorian Campaign

  • Overall Session: #1,181
  • Date: 6th April 2021
  • Campaign Session: Session 01
  • Game Night Session: 224
  • Gaming Group: Tuesday Star Wars (Pathfinder Week)
  • Campaign: Mandalorian Clan Star Wing
  • Characters: Bounty Hunters
  • Location: Elrood Sector
  • Adventure – Bounty Del Varner #1

SW Mandalorian Campaign: All video’s for the Tuesday Night Star Wars Campaign.

Video’s will be created on the night, and uploaded when possible after the event. There is a fortnightly schedule for this game. There are five other games running in the same fortnight. This is one campaign night out of 6 that I am running as the Games Master.

Season 3 – Sector Rangers vs the Rebellion

Season 2 – Sector Rangers vs Bounty Hunters

Season 1 – Introduction to Bounties and Hunting

Mandalorian Tuesday Group
Star Wars RPG
  • Star Wars Mandalorian Campaign (SW FFG Rules)
  • Session 224+ (22 sessions from 224-245+)
  • 6th April 2021 to now
  • Current Characters: AriadnaTheya (22), Mark/DavidPiper (21), KesleyKyanna (21), RossKarlid (19), StefanCadkia (19), DavidB1-337 (16), DeeVanna (12), MikeEbaya (3),
  • Season 3 (1+ from 29+) –
  • Season 2 (17 total from 12-28) – AriadnaTheya (11), DavidB1-337 (10), MarkPiper (10), KesleyKyanna (10), RossKarlid (8), StefanCadkia (8), MikeEbaya (3), DeeVanna (2),
  • Season 1 (11 total from 01-11) – AriadnaTheya (11), RossKarlid (11), StefanCadkia (11), KesleyKyanna (11), DeeVanna (10), MarkPiper (9), DavidB1-337 (6), DavidPiper (2)

Bounties Collected

  • #1 – Del Vanna, Drunkard
    • Sessions MC01
    • Location – Elrood
    • Reward – 300 credits and a drink for capture alive
    • Crimes – Killing a stormtrooper, sedition against the Empire.
    • Experience – 1
  • #2 – El Capitano, Media Celebrity
    • Session MC02, MC03
    • Location – Elrood
    • Reward – 300 credits and two drinks for capture alive
    • Crimes – Sedation.
    • Experience – 2
  • #3 – The Governors Father
    • Session MC03, MC04, MC05, MC06, MC07
    • Location – Elrood
    • Reward – 300 credits and three drinks for capture alive and unharmed
    • Crimes – Anti-government aggression, firing on government officials
    • Experience – 5
  • #4 – Sector Ranger Training “Smuggler Boss”
    • Session MC08, MC09, MC10, MC11
    • Location – Elrood
    • Reward – 300 credits
    • Crimes – Running the smuggling strip
    • Experience – 3
SW Campaign

Season 3 – 2022 August (MC32 23rd, MC31 9th), July (MC30 26th, MC29 12th)

Season 2 – 2022 June (MC28 28th, MC27 14th), May (MC26 31st, MC25 17th), Apr (MC24 5th), Mar (MC23 22nd, MC22 8th), Feb (MC21 22nd, MC20 8th), Jan (MC19 25th), 2021 Dec (MC18 14th), Nov (MC17 30th, MC16 16th, MC15 2nd), Oct (MC14 19th, MC13 5th), Sep (MC12 21st)

Season 1 – 2021 Sep (MC11 7th), Aug (MC10 24th), Jul (MC09 27th, MC08 13th), Jun (MC07 29th, MC06 15th, MC05 1st), May (MC04 18th, MC03 4th), Apr (MC02 20th, MC01 6th)

Star Wars RPG

SW Menu: Adventure, New Rules, Adversary, Companies, Droid, Equipment, Galaxy Map, Location, Vehicle

Campaign: NPCs, Side Stories, Timeline

Game Management: Annotated Stat Block, Character Creation, Choosing a New Campaign, Creating a Galaxy Map, Ending three year campaign, GM’s Luck Roll, Running Games over Skype, Tracking Experience, 2016 Campaign

Character Builds: Bounty Hunter (Karlid – Assassin, Vanna – Gadgeteer, Kyanna – Martial Artist, Jed – Operator, Theya – Skip Tracer, Cadkia – Survivalist), Smuggler (Ebaya – Gambler), Technician (B1-337 – Droid Tech)

References: for Characters, for GMs, Dice, Items (Lightsabers, Modifying, Purchasing, Qualities), Knight Level Play, Mechanics (Awareness, Duty, Morality, Obligation), Movement (Personal, Planetary, Vehicles), Roles (Bounty Hunting, Investigations), Secrets (Empire, Jedi, Mandalorians, Rebels, Sith)

Creating a Campaign:
(1) Rules and Setting,
(2) Characters and Timeline,
(3) Fringes Storyline,
(4) Rebels Storyline,
(5) Force Storyline,
(6) Mandalorian Storyline

Library of Books

B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

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