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The Laws of Extra Dimensional Spaces

What is an Extra Dimensional Space

An extra dimensional space is usually a Portalable Hole or a Bag of Holding where it is a teather of an item (or a location) in the physical world to the astral (or ethereal) world. That extra space is adjacent to where it opens, connecting the two locations between planes, like a gate. The rules of the gate vary depending on the item.

How does it effect this world

The base prinicple of Extra Dimension Space is that you cannot merge two different aspects of storage together. This effects everything from storage to dimensional travel. Each having their own nuance that can change how the world works.

Rules of Extra Dimensional Space

This list of rules changes with knowledge and power, so they are set by Tier with higher levels requiring the characters to learn how to apply these new rules.

Laws of Magic – Extra Dimenional Space Tier 1
  • Set for Levels 1 to 5 (for my campaign worlds)
  • An extra dimensional space (e.g. Bag of Holding, Portable Hole or Rope Trick) cannot enter another extra dimensional space.
  • Teleport uses extra dimensional space for movement (e.g. fey step, dimension door, teleport, portals)
  • Artefacts are plane locked and cannot enter extra dimensional spaces.
  • Carried items that cannot enter a extra dimensional space are dropped outside the barrier between planes. (i.e. you teleport, but you bag of holding or artefact drops to the ground)
Laws of Magic – Extra Dimenional Space Tier 2
  • Set for Levels 6 to 10 (for my campaign worlds)
  • Dragons know how to teleport artefacts and extra dimensional spaces.
  • Some artifacts have the ability to be summoned by the attuner. (Example Whelm can travel to its attuned wielder)
  • Some artifacts can travel with you if you meet their gods criteria. (Example Wave can teleport if held by an elf)
  • Attunement to some items allows checks to disconnect and reconnect some of the portable storage options.
Laws of Magic – Extra Dimenional Space Tier 3
  • Set for Levels 11 to 15 (for my campaign worlds)
  • These are yet to be discovered.

Design Decisions

Early on in runnig D&D, I have faced players trying to break my games by pulling research off the internet. One of those pieces was an arrow with a portable hole and a bag of holding being decribed as the ultimate weapon which of course their characters at 1st level would know how to construct and use. This weapon would banish what ever you hit to another plane in the multiverse removing a threat at the cost of two magical items.

For my solution to this meta gaming was simple. I simply instituted some laws of magic described above. It did not go down well at first, but it did make the setting unique and gave me room to stop future abuse of rules by those who use the Player vs GM style of play. (I don’t beleive in this concept, as my games have never been about beating the players).

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